Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ri Came!

Riah, her mom, and T. Lynn came to my house yesterday morning on their way to the milk farm. It was awesome. We talked and talked. She helped me overcome writers block just like she said she would, and we talked more. Oh and we both had hot chocolate with hazelnut creamer in it. You should try it - it's the absolute best way to drink hot chocolate!
Today I am taking my car back to the Goodyear - they rotated my tires when we told them not to. it would have been fine only there is a problem in the front that is causing my two front tires to wear down. So they put my two good tires in the front and my bad ones in the back. SO that means my now front tires are going to get worn down if they don't swap them back. OYVEY! People need to listen!
I am off to finish getting ready to go.
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  1. It was so much fun! *wink* I've never had such a great time making fun of wedding dresses! I had someone to agree with me for once!

  2. But we were making fun of the horrid ones...not all wedding dresses! lol


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