Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today I...

Today I...
Folded laundry
Washed dishes
Baked sugar cookies
Had a tea party
Put away stocking goodies
Cleaned some more
Traced hands on paper and decorated them
Today I...
Hung out with T. Lynn
Kissed my handsome husband
Laughed at America's Funniest Home Videos
Saw my Pawpaw and Nana
Saw my in-laws
Sat on pillows on the floor
Slept in
Tomorrow I'll...
Go to church
Go to a Christmas Party (last one!)
See friends
See family
Finish last minute wrapping ;)
Finish the last bit of housework (yay)
Monday I'll...
Start housework all over again!
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our First Christmas (Excerpt)

Christmas was great. Family all gathered together with big meals to eat and gifts to exchange. Chad and I spent Christmas Eve visiting our families and then had Christmas day all to ourselves, which is exactly what I wanted. We took advantage of our first and last Christmas alone. Next year we'll have a little six month old! We slept in and whatched movies and I ended up taking a long, well needed nap (the week before Christmas wore me out) and we had a nice supper and it was all great and cozy. Gosh I love quality time with my husband!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

To everyone! Hopefuly all of your last minute shopping is done and you are contently staring at wrapped gifts just waiting to be handed out - I'm not, but I hope you are! (well I'm done shopping, I'm just not done wrapping.) Hopefully you're staying warm and loved. Hopefully you're dreaming sweet dreams of sugar plums and nutcrackers :) Hopefully you're all happy and healthy and most importantly with people who love you! And even if your not any of those things, remember the holiday is about a perfect man who came to this earth just so he could die to save you, so you are loved by someone, even though you can't see Him!

Merry Christmas!!
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Be A Princess

I always wanted to be a princess as a little girl - well along with being the first woman on mars, a ballerina, a scientist and a cartographer. I apparently wanted to be an accomplished princess!
Anyway back to the point. I wanted to be a princess. Not necessarily a disney princess per-say, more of a modern princess. Please don't let your mind jump to Princess Kate - it did, didn't it? Ugh. Ok no, not modern princess as in Kate - honestly, not a fan of her style. I'm thinking maybe more socialite style minus the tacky short be-glittered dress and huge jewelry. More Blair from Gossip Girl (minus the silly hats she wears on occasion which are more Princess Kate). My idea of a princess was more like this:
Light, airy and regal
Simple and sophisticated
Classy and stylish.
And of course, poufy!
And princesses were supposed to have stunning jewelry.

The all important tiara
Lovely bracelets
And of course the matching necklace.
I'm not sure why, but when I was little I got it into my head that princesses wore sapphires and diamonds and I wanted blue and silver jewelry so badly, convinced that once I had it I would be a princess.
But I no longer wish to be a princess. Yes, I'd still love to wear beautiful clothes and stunning jewelry. I still would like a house with a spiral staircase (the kind I swore all princesses had when I was little), it would be great fun to have all the money in the world, but being that kind of princess is no longer my wish.
I am a princess in many different ways. Instead of ballgowns and sapphires, I have boots and gold wedding bands. Instead of a castle, I have a warm comforting home. Instead of classic dresses, I have giant sweaters. Instead of a prince, I have the sweetest man in the world. Instead of maids, I have a baby on the way. You see I don't need expensive jewelry, fancy clothes, lots of money, a castle and servants to make me happy, I need my husband and my family. I am a princess because I've decided that riches don't make you royal, contentment does.
Your princess content wife,
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Christmas Crafts (excerpt)

I've been keeping busy making Christmas gifts. I'm on a (very) limited budget, so most of my gifts will be handmade. Some of the things I'm making are:
Christmas ornaments - not for my tree, I don't have a tree. But as small gifts for other people.
Baked goods - An easy gift for men! Who doesn't like cookies, breads and other Christmas-y desserts??
Articals of clothing - sorry can't be specific here, never know who is reading!!

Chrismas sewing has been crazy, thankfully the baking hasn't started yet. That'd be pretty gross - two week old cookies?? Ugh

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Love. Marriage. Baby.

Hey y'all! I just opened my new personal blog, Love. Marriage. Baby! Check it out pleaseeeee??

Love y'all!
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

At Home

So lately I haven't been the best house keeper and I haven't cooked much and my poor husband is usually stuck taking care of me. I have a million excuses of course... Nausea, round ligament pain, fatigue and the latest one: a cold. But I have managed a few things and my loving, sweet husband has been so understanding.

My "pantry" filled with canned goods, baking goods, tea and recipe books.
My stove and white pantry thingy. We live in a 1940's farmhouse which explains the green stove and not so lovely wall paper (thankfully this is the only wall with this particular wall paper).
That's bread dough rising for cinnamon rolls on the stove top there.
Thanksgiving center piece that Lys and I did for the big Thanksgiving dinner my family does every year.
Cinnamon rolls I made one day when I had an energy spurt (please let me have another one of those).
The view from my back door. Lovely, huh?
Your sorta home-maker,
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Is it real that this time last year I wasn't even married? Now I'm married, three months pregnant and about to graduate college. No more school for me (until I homeschool that is). It's kind of weird that I've moved past school now. No more studying, no more freaking out about a test... nothing. Three more assignments to turn in and I'm done. Graduated with a diploma in photography and ready to try and get some work published. Crazy huh?
Life moves so quickly, but I find that sometimes the change is subtle and sometimes not so much. Changing from a homeschool elementary student to a homeschool high school student wasn't that big of a difference, but going from unmarried to married felt like a major one and a subtle one. It wasn't different because I already cooked and cleaned, but it was different because I had to budget the money for the food and it was my house to clean. So it was the same but not.
Being pregnant is a major change, but originally an unbelievable one. I couldn't see the baby, I couldn't feel the baby, I couldn't hear the baby, but there was a baby. My body hadn't changed and originally I was just tired, so all I had to go on was this little blue line on a pregnancy test. Of course the evening sickness came (I didn't have morning sickness) and the tiredness increased and I just felt ugh so there were more symptoms and it finally began to feel real. Now I'm 14 weeks, showing a bit (not much but still), have heard the baby's heart beat and am having all the not-so-fun ligament pain.
So bascially everything has changed, but somehow in the midst of it, it never really felt like it... Here is hoping for some not-so-subtle changes in 2013 (ehem - actually having the baby out here).

The same, but some how not,
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