Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taking pics for friends... so much fun!!
Today I went across the street to our neighbors/friends house to take their family photo for Christmas cards!
After I was done I came home and played with them on photoshop - I LOVE how they turned out, but I'm not posting them... sorry to disappoint...

Our turkey lurkey was tasty, as was everything else! We all have so much to be thankful for even when it feels like there's not!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tonight is....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope that tomorrow is wonderful!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm already tired...

...and I haven't even begun yet! What am I tired for? Well just read the list below! You'll understand then.

We start tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Help!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bye-Bye Trees part 2.

The yard was nothing but tree branches for a few days.
It's now all cleaned up, but this is what it looked like on the day we cut down the two trees.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Do you remember me? It's Lys. I've been writing on this blog for a long time now.
I've been slacking off on the blogging on both of my blogs.
I am going to post pics in bunches to catch up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"You're Leaving Me!"

That is what I've heard from my "baby" sister T. Lynn ever since Superman and I started courting. I heard this yet again today.
"I'm not leaving you!" I said.
She continued as though I hadn't said anything, "I can't believe your leaving me! What if your husband is mean and horrible and cruel?"
"Then you have my permission to beat him."
"Good," she exclaimed, "but I'm still going to be sad."
"But I don't think Superman is going to be mean and horrible."
She sighs and gives a fake pout.
"I'm not leaving you," I said.
"You are in four or five years," she replied.
"No, I'll be getting married, not leaving. Getting married is different than leaving."
"No it's not. You're going to get married and leave this house which is where I'm at and I'll be all alone!" (She fake sobbed here)
"You wont be all alone! What about Bree, Beenie, Kay and Mommy and Daddy? They'll be here." I reached down and helped her off the floor she had dramatically thrown herself on and made her sit on my lap in Mom's chair.
"But Kay is gonna leave and Bree is gonna leave and -"
Bree cut in, "I'm not going to ever get married, so I'll be here."
"You're going to leave eventually! You wont be here forever, " T. Lynn looked as though that ought to be common knowledge.
"Yeah, when I'm like... 20 or something!" Bree said.
"So then you'll be gone and Beenie'll be gone and I'll be all alone!"
"You wont live here forever T. Lynn." I told her.
"Yes I am. I'm going to always live here and take care of Mommy when she gets old."
Momma sent her a look that let her know she was highly offended.
"At least she doesn't think you are old right now..." I told Mom.
"I guess that's an up-side," Momma said, waving us up out of her chair.
"Yup," I said.
"You are going to get married and have your own home and then you'll have more children than you expected and you'll have to move farther away from me!"
"What?!" To put it mildly, I was shocked.
"You will." She nodded, again positive that what she was saying was completely true. I didn't feel like that was a good time to mention that moving into a bigger house eventually is our plan. There was no reason to stress her out more.
"By the time I get married, you wont even care anymore. You'll be a big girl, 13 maybe. You'll be happy because you'll be closer to getting your own room."
"I wont be leaving you T."
"Yes, you will! And I'll be here caring for the elderly." T. Lynn said in apparent devastation.
"Hey" Momma said. "This just keeps getting better and better!"
"I'm not saying you're old now. But you are going to get old some day." T. hugged Mom in apology.
Momma just looked away totally offended now.
I just sighed.
Needless to say, the converstion went on for awhile; exacerbated by Superman calling me, claiming my attention to give him directions to some place while she wanted my attention to help her make a sun-catcher.
This isn't the entire conversation. Some of it's paraphrased and parts aren't even there, but you get the general idea. I feel like Aunt Bee from Romona and Beezus!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Focus Point Update.

I'm so sorry, everyone, for the delay in posting pictures...again! I keep meaning to take pics and post them but I haven't!
I promise that I will post them soon - but for now, I hope you don't mind waiting...
Thanks for being patient.
Much love,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Headed out

Just felt like sayin'... I'm going to see LYSSA! Leaving in a few minutes! Yay

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bye Bye Trees

Yesterday we had to cut down the two trees in our front yard because the roots were starting to tear the yard, walkway, and driveway up. It was sad to see them go - especially since they offered me a nice view from my window. It is pretty even now, however - it's more open in our yard and it offers more light inside of our house -
I'll post pictures later.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toy Story 3

I saw Toy Story 3 for the first time tonight - it was great! very funny, cute, and happy. But it was also sad. It makes me feel bad for all of my toys that are put away. It silly, but very true.
You don't realize how big of a part toys play in your life until you don't play with them anymore. You don't realize how much fun you had with them until you watch a movie like Toy Story 3 and see how much they miss you - even if they are just toys!
Sigh - The ending was happy yet sad at the same time.
I won't continue - wouldn't want to ruin the movie for you....
By the way Buzz Lightyear is HILARIOUS in this movie - he makes a funny Spanish guy...
ok now I'm really not saying anything more about it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Christmas Mood.

'Tis true, 'tis true... I am in a small Christmas mood.
Tonight at work I was asked to redo the Christmas table at the front of the store. My boss said to, and I quote: "be creative - make it look good, but be as creative as you'd like!" and then... "I am releasing you to be creative anywhere in the store. Enjoy!" He is awesome!
So, I created a nice, organized, yet creative table of Christmas things. I am very pleased with the way it turned out! AND as I did that I was humming along with an instrumental Christmas song!
Oyvey! Now if only I would be motivated to do some Christmas shopping.....



For two nights in a row I have dreamed that I was on a plane heading to Aussie. Both dreams have felt so real. Both times I woke up feeling bummed that the dreams were, in fact, just dreams.
Gotta love when that happens...

New design coming soon!

Ri is working hard on my new blog design, and is doing an excellent job! I am going to have new pages added!
Riah has tried 3 different designs due to my picky idea's and she has made the perfect one for me! She has been very good with my picky ways- patient and understanding. Again I say, everyone needs a Ri!

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new design once it's up!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am desperate for Your touch
a glimpse of heaven through the glory of Your Son
In a moment You can turn a life around
forever to be found in You
And I am reaching out to find
there's nothing greater than Your Love that holds my life
Your Grace and Mercy that has saved me by Your Love
and swept away my shame, Oh Lord

Your Love is like fire
it burns for all to see
my only desire is to worship at Your feet
so let this Fire consume my life!
Let Your Love take me deeper
draw me closer to where you are
cause all I want is more of You
When You call I will follow
at the Cross I surrender all
Jesus I belong to You!

and I surrender to Your Love
forever humbled by the message of the Cross.
I stand abandoned in You presence and embrace
I'll never be the same, Oh God.

Let Your love take me deeper,
draw me closer to where You are,
cause all I want is more of You

When You call I will follow,
at the cross I surrender all,
Jesus I belong to You!


Monday, November 1, 2010

I Cut My Hair...again.

Today, I suddenly wanted to cut my hair short like I did this past April. I asked my mom if she would do it, and she said she would.
So, very much on the spur of the moment, I cut three or so inches off my hair. It is now up to my shoulders. Ri flipped out. Sorry...
I love it though! Now I'm letting it grow again! LOL!!

Me... (Lys style)

I thought it would be fun to do a post like Ri just did, so here goes! (Once again I am sooo sorry for the delay in posting on The Focus Point - I'll get caught up hopefully tomorrow.)

I love:

1. God
2. Australia
3. Family/pets
4. books
5. fires
6. the smell of burnt leaves
7. Photography
8. Snuggling up under a blanket
9. Thanksgiving
10. Sunny days
11. Music!

I hate:

1. Cold weather
2. Waking up with a sore throat
3. Dry skin (I use lotion a lot)
4. Clowns (they are freaky)
5. Badly written books
6. Mascots (they are freaky too)
7. Raisins
8. Oatmeal
9. Greasing baking sheets or any other baking dish
10. Being so tired you can't sleep and being grumpy on top of it!

I am a odd contradiction:

I love Silence
I love Music 24/7

I love the simpleness of the olden days
I love Modern technology (aka: ipod/computers)

I love watching old TV shows
I love when the TV is off

I love colors in my room
I love black and white in my room

I love cooking/baking from scratch
I love microwave popcorn

I'd love to try living in different time periods
I couldn't stand not taking a shower every day (!!!!!!!!!!)

I am weird:

1. I made mud food in my backyard when I was little (didn't eat it)
2. I laugh in movies like "Sweeney Todd" which doesn't make any sense! (any ideas?!)
3. I used to think that there was a band in the trunk of our car and thats where the music came from.
4. I named my first baby boy doll Baby and then later called him Little Baby. (when I was older and didn't play with him, I decided to call him Jacob)
5. I had a valentine bear holding a little red hersheys chocolate kiss that I named Hershey Bear.
6. I ate sand at the beach when I was about 2 years old.
7. I can't go to sleep if I don't put on chapstick (!!!!!)
8. I nearly always read after I go to bed, no matter what time it is
9. I can't sleep well if my hair isn't at least damp
10. I firmly believe Riah and I were born twins and were separated at birth and have been cruelly denied our rights to be with each other at ALL times

I am:
and thats about it.

I am also:

my parents stubborn daughter :)
a very independent individual who, when sets her mind to something, usually gets it done
a sister
a friend
an Aussie at heart
a bookworm
a bookstore employee
a photographer
a history lover
a baby-sitter
a dishwasher
a laundry maid (although I only do my own laundry usually)
a baker
a passionate person
a confident person
an owner of a very big sweet tooth
a tall person
A daughter of the most high God!

That's me!
Great idea for a post, Ri!