Friday, September 21, 2012

I Am Obsessed

I have many things I'm obsessed with. Photographs (particularly B&W, particularly Ansel Adams, particularly Richard Avedon, particularly Steven Vote). Baby Lips Peach Kiss lipstick. Shared Journals with Lys. Fall smells and colors. My wedding and engagement rings. The color yellow. Birds. Paper lanterns. Purple nail polish. Bico Australia Necklace Charms. Books. Knit tops. Grey flats. Maurices (which sells afore-mentioned knit tops and grey flats). Notebooks and pens (and pencils).

One of my many (many) obsessions is tea.

Thankfully my friend (and Lyssa's sister) Bee also has this obsession so we can talk about it all day long. As a wedding gift to Bee and her (now) husband, I went to this amazing store (which I've been in before but with my whole family so there wasn't much browsing time) called Teavana. Now Teavana is a tea lovers dream. It has every tea pot, every tea set, every tea thermos, every kind of tea you can imagine. It is amazing!!! I love love love going there. Any way... I got Bee (and her husband) a tea set and when I went to her house the night before her wedding we used it along with some amazing tea they got at Teavana (they are both tea lovers). It was great. I love tea and all and Bee got me this wonderful electric hot water kettle as a wedding gift to me, so I have instant hot tea the moment I want it, but fresh lose leaf tea is sooo much better.

 Here are some of the teas I'm dying to try:

Samurai Chai Mate Tea:

Strawberry Paraiso White Tea blended with Precious White Peach White Tea:

Copper Knot Hongcha Black Tea:


Joie de Vivre Herbal Tea:<%=index

And don't even get me started on German Rock Sugar!! Oh my gosh. It is sooooo good. Of course regualr sugar is fine, but german rock tastes amazing!

Ok, I'm starting to drool and I need tea, so I'm going to go finish my stuff now and then go home and have a nice cup :)

Much Love,
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall {it means}

So... It's fall time again which means apple cider and pumpkin pie. It means that it's ok to drink warm drinks again (As much as I love an ice blended chai). It means knit tops and boots. It means blankets and books (not that I didn't already do the book part). It means dodging freezing rain and running helplessly into the library. It means open windows and colored leaves.

It means fall happiness!!
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