Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not as planned.

I'm sure we all know what it's like when plans don't go as planned...
A lot of things have been off of the plan track, and here is a list of some of those things.
  • Working at the place I worked at this passed spring again this past fall -
  • Having as much money as I need to have by the end of June for my Australia trip -
  • Not going to Aussie in July (maybe) and instead going in the fall -
  • Going to Aussie not just for pleasure but for photography courses at YWAM -
  • Posting pictures everyday for 365 days - we all know how that went...
  • Bee going to the Biltmore Estate with us this Sunday - she changed her mind and isn't coming - the rain on our parade!
  • Going to school for a History major - not happenin'!
  • The Goodyear place not having my car done within the hour and fifteen minutes they claimed - instead they are still working on it two and a half hours later! YAY..
  • basically by whole day isn't going as planned.
But it's all good - I still smile a mile! (I just remembered today how I used to say "smile a mile" alllllllllll the time... so thought I'd say it)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have SNOW!

Here in the wonderful state of North Carolina, where the snow is rare, we have snow. It started last night and is still falling as I type this. Riah said that they have about 7 inches - we have about 4 right now.
It's odd... I don't know if I like it.
Its pretty though. We never ever get this much snow - and when we do get snow it melts in one day.
I will try to get some pictures and post them later!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rewind to Tuesday.

This past Tuesday, as you all know, Riah came to my house! As she said, we exchanged gifts and she gave me....:
"Wildflower Bride" by Mary Connealy!!!! I am so excited about this book. It's next on my reading list! :)
Riah also gave me a key-chain that is like a solar panel so my name flashes on it!
AND last but not least: A beautiful scarf and gloves to match (I have worn both everyday so far!) - needless to say that we both had a great time!
Thanks, Riah, for a wonderful Tuesday!
Merry Christmas again!

Merry Christmas - we had a visit from the Grinch...

I got to work today and was told that the store was robbed yesterday!!! Some thief (we call him Grinch) came through the roof and cut open the safe - all of the money was stolen but no one was there when it happened - praise God!

On to other news: I was at my grandma's house yesterday and Bee's boyfriend went with us. He was given a list of things to do since he is 6 feett 4 inches! haha.
On the way to her house (she lives about 2 hours away) I started reading "Sharpshooter in Petticoats" by Mary Connealy! I was instantly captured and had a hard time putting it down! (no surprise there!) I have been waiting to find out what Mandy's horrid husband would do next (or what she would do to him!) and now I am finding out!! :)

Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope this Christmas is one of the best!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I can’t wait to dig in!

I am soooooooo thrilled! Guess what?

Oh wait… maybe I should back up.

Lyssa and I exchanged our gifts today. We choose the Tuesday (Tuesday because we go to South Carolina for raw milk every other Tues. and her house is on the way) closest to whatever holiday we’re celebrating and give our gifts that day. So today was the day. We had great fun sitting in the middle on the living room floor directing each other as to which gift to open first and which to save for last – yeah we’re bossy that way. Between laughing at each other, talking to mom and T. Lynn, and pushing various dogs out of the way, we opened our presents. Guess what I got?

Books!!! Yes, books. The most wonderful things created. The bestest things ever (well, she gave me something better, but I’ll save that for last).

She got me: “Saint” by Ted Dekker, “Showdown” by Ted Dekker, “Sinner” by Ted Dekker and “Kiss” by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy.  Can you tell I like Ted Dekker’s books? I’m a recent fan. Lyssa converts me all the time, First Cathy Marie Hake, then Tamera Alexander, then Hillsongs, then Mary Connealy, now Ted Dekker! Whatever am I going to do with her? I can’t afford to like so many authors and bands (not that she has converted me to more than one band – but I already liked Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North and Robert Pierre).

The best present is a picture of me and her framed in an antique-y picture frame (is antique-y a word?). She is such the little sneak. I asked her to take pictures of me for Superman as a Christmas gift because he constantly tells me that I need to give him a picture of me. I didn’t have any good recent ones because I don’t like pictures of me and anyway I’m usually on the other side of the camera. Well she took the pictures and like we always do when we’re taking pictures (of anything), we took some of us together – at her suggestion. Little did I know that I was being trick into posing for my own Christmas gift. Its beautiful too, Lys is a talented photographer!

Now all I have left to do is dig in. I’m finishing “Wrangler in Petticoats” (which is very good – 5 stars) by Mary Connealy, then I’m gonna read “Head in the Clouds” by Karen Witemeyer, after that I’ll read my Ted Dekker books! Yay, I needed new reading material – I’ve nearly exhausted all of mine.

Your content,


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Saturday Morning Daybook

Ok, because I have a sad lack of anything else to post about besides how I am not looking forward to wrapping presents – I’m not good a wrapping – I decided to do this Daybook hosted by Jo March @ Scraps from my Workbasket.

Date... Dec. 18th 2010

Starting time... 12:27pm – ok so it’s not exactly morning, but I needed something.

Mood... Good.

Outside my window... It’s gray, it’s going to start snowing anytime now, I’m sure. It’s snowing everywhere else.

I'm thinking... About how I really don’t want to wrap presents and that I really need to start sewing a bread towel.

I'm currently reading... Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

I'm listening to... The t.v. in the other room playing Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July, various children talking and Kay running water in the kitchen.

I'm wearing... A black knit skirt, a coral colored tee shirt and gray cammie.

I'm looking forward to... Seeing Superman tomorrow and possibly Lyssa next week

I'm hoping... That it doesn’t snow, I don’t like cold weather.

Yesterday, I... Babysat, Grandma-sat (no I didn’t actually sit on any of them), ran an errand, sewed and watched Ramona and Beezus for the millionth time.

I'm hungry for... Egg drop soup from Panda Panda (the best Chinese restaurant ever) and hot cocoa

The song stuck inside my head is... Fireflies by Owl City

I love... Uh, my family, my friends and Superman… oh! and chap stick, especially in the winter.

I loathe... chapped lips

This week, my goal is... to get the gingerbread man towel done and my Christmas wrapping done.

Did I meet last week's goal?... I only had a silent one to finish two of the bread towels I was making, so yeah I did.

Ending time... 12:40pm


Friday, December 17, 2010

Update on Me!

I'm gonna form this kinda like a Randomness Wednesday. Since life has been busy, busy, busy, I feel like I have neglected you!
So here we go!

What I have been doing:
  • Working
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Working
  • School
  • Planning a trip
  • Work, work, work.
Now to explain:
  • Working: I have been working like crazy - my hours are all over the place. Closing at 10:30 a few times a week. There have been tons of sales and lines and even longer lines of people waiting.You get the picture.
  • Shopping: just finished shopping today - I do have one thing left that doesn't require shopping - but I'm all set for Christmas.
  • Cleaning: nothing to explain here.
  • Working: [insert scream here]
  • School: Have four more lessons left to post on and then I get my associates degree!
  • Planning trip: saving up and planning my big trip in the Summer.
  • Work, Work, Work: I do like my job - I work with great people and my boss asked if I could work there forever! lol.
So that's my life right now. Basically non-stop!
I promise that Riah and I will post when we can!

Monday, December 6, 2010

One year ago last night...

Riah called me at 11:00pm (ish) and told me Superman asked to court her - I freaked out seeing as how we had both had the same plan of traveling as Photographers, taking online classes for college - and getting married eventually! It was rather sudden.
But now I'm glad Superman asked to court her - they are the perfect match!

One year and a week ago…

…I had my whole life planned out. I was going to graduate in the beginning of spring, going to get my driving permit, going to start online school for photography and start online college for theology.                

One year and a week ago I wanted to be a photographer and travel the world.

One year and a week ago I couldn’t be less worried about getting married and having a family. Maybe one day, but certainly not anytime in the near future. And whoever I married, his last name would not start with an “M” because my initials are MMD and nothing was worse to me than the idea of having MMM for initials.

One year and a week ago I met an old family friend and was chatting with her. She asked me about my plans and I explained all of the above to her (probably not in that order though). She asked me if I had a boy friend to which I replied “goodness no! I don’t have time for a boy friend and I really don’t want one either”.

One year and a week ago Superman (interesting name, no?) texted me and asked me if I liked him after a bit of small talk. I freaked out. I was only 17, I didn’t need a boy friend, I didn’t want a boy friend. A boy friend meant courting, courting meant getting married, getting married meant that all my plans would go BOOM. I didn’t want my plans to go BOOM, I worked hard on them. I didn’t want to see them go to waste. But I had one possible out. My family did the courting thing, he dated. There was no way he’d be interested after I explained it to him. He was Superman and he belonged with Lois Lane, which I most certainly was not! So one year and a week ago I began explaining  courtship to a normal, public schooled, dating, albeit cute, guy who had no clue what it was. I did everything possible to scare him away. “It leads to marriage”, “You can’t go in to it lightly”, “You do know that this is to look for a spouse, not just casual dating, right?”. I brought up marriage and life-long commitment as much as I possibly could. I knew if anything would scare him away, that would (he told me later that it nearly did), Well, needless to say it didn’t scare him away. He just kept saying “Ok, I get it. So, do you like me?” to which I would respond “This isn’t just about liking. It’s more, do you think we could get along well enough to get married?” to which he’d respond “yes, I understand that, but do you like me?” and so on and so forth all day long until I finally gave in and answered him that I liked him enough to give it a try. I didn’t have a crush on him, I didn’t “like-like” him, but he was (still is) a good friend and we got along well, so why not?

One year ago yesterday Superman asked dad if he could court me and one year ago yesterday dad said yes. I’m so glad because now all my plans have completely changed. I want to get married, I want to be a house-wife/stay-at-home mom more than anything ever. And I’m even willing to marry Superman although his last name starts with a “M” (I can’t convince him to change it, he apparently likes his last name. I gotta admit, I like it too!).

Yesterday Superman and I have been together 1 year and it’s been great. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since we had that talk over text, but it has been! And I am very glad that I didn’t scare him away.

Your very happy, 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st!

Welcome to December 2010! It's hard to believe that it is already time for Christmas again. The year has flown by so fast.
Our Christmas tree is up and decorated - I finished putting the last ornaments on it yesterday. I am very much in a Christmas mood and can't wait to do more decorating!
Just wrapped a bunch of presents and now I am going to try to find something to get for my mom!
Much love,

I got…

…a laptop! Grandma (not the one who live with us) brought it with her when she came for the Thanksgiving dinner. I am really liking it. Since it is a laptop it’s a tad slower than a regular computer, but my only true complaint is that the screen resolution isn’t high enough and wont let me see a whole page unless I zoom out. But, Grandma is going to see what she can do about it. Just so you know, my Grandma programs computers, so she can do just about anything with one. Isn't that awesome?

Well, I guess this is the end of my very short post. Lyssa’s new design should be done soon, but since it is holiday season I make no promises. Sorry both Lys and Kay – who is waiting on a design as well – about the delays.

Ok, now I am officially finishing this post, because I can hear coffee being made downstairs and nothing is better than sipping coffee while wearing p.j.’s!

Riah (sorry, my signature is in the other computer and I haven’t moved it over yet)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taking pics for friends... so much fun!!
Today I went across the street to our neighbors/friends house to take their family photo for Christmas cards!
After I was done I came home and played with them on photoshop - I LOVE how they turned out, but I'm not posting them... sorry to disappoint...

Our turkey lurkey was tasty, as was everything else! We all have so much to be thankful for even when it feels like there's not!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tonight is....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope that tomorrow is wonderful!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm already tired...

...and I haven't even begun yet! What am I tired for? Well just read the list below! You'll understand then.

We start tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Help!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bye-Bye Trees part 2.

The yard was nothing but tree branches for a few days.
It's now all cleaned up, but this is what it looked like on the day we cut down the two trees.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Do you remember me? It's Lys. I've been writing on this blog for a long time now.
I've been slacking off on the blogging on both of my blogs.
I am going to post pics in bunches to catch up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"You're Leaving Me!"

That is what I've heard from my "baby" sister T. Lynn ever since Superman and I started courting. I heard this yet again today.
"I'm not leaving you!" I said.
She continued as though I hadn't said anything, "I can't believe your leaving me! What if your husband is mean and horrible and cruel?"
"Then you have my permission to beat him."
"Good," she exclaimed, "but I'm still going to be sad."
"But I don't think Superman is going to be mean and horrible."
She sighs and gives a fake pout.
"I'm not leaving you," I said.
"You are in four or five years," she replied.
"No, I'll be getting married, not leaving. Getting married is different than leaving."
"No it's not. You're going to get married and leave this house which is where I'm at and I'll be all alone!" (She fake sobbed here)
"You wont be all alone! What about Bree, Beenie, Kay and Mommy and Daddy? They'll be here." I reached down and helped her off the floor she had dramatically thrown herself on and made her sit on my lap in Mom's chair.
"But Kay is gonna leave and Bree is gonna leave and -"
Bree cut in, "I'm not going to ever get married, so I'll be here."
"You're going to leave eventually! You wont be here forever, " T. Lynn looked as though that ought to be common knowledge.
"Yeah, when I'm like... 20 or something!" Bree said.
"So then you'll be gone and Beenie'll be gone and I'll be all alone!"
"You wont live here forever T. Lynn." I told her.
"Yes I am. I'm going to always live here and take care of Mommy when she gets old."
Momma sent her a look that let her know she was highly offended.
"At least she doesn't think you are old right now..." I told Mom.
"I guess that's an up-side," Momma said, waving us up out of her chair.
"Yup," I said.
"You are going to get married and have your own home and then you'll have more children than you expected and you'll have to move farther away from me!"
"What?!" To put it mildly, I was shocked.
"You will." She nodded, again positive that what she was saying was completely true. I didn't feel like that was a good time to mention that moving into a bigger house eventually is our plan. There was no reason to stress her out more.
"By the time I get married, you wont even care anymore. You'll be a big girl, 13 maybe. You'll be happy because you'll be closer to getting your own room."
"I wont be leaving you T."
"Yes, you will! And I'll be here caring for the elderly." T. Lynn said in apparent devastation.
"Hey" Momma said. "This just keeps getting better and better!"
"I'm not saying you're old now. But you are going to get old some day." T. hugged Mom in apology.
Momma just looked away totally offended now.
I just sighed.
Needless to say, the converstion went on for awhile; exacerbated by Superman calling me, claiming my attention to give him directions to some place while she wanted my attention to help her make a sun-catcher.
This isn't the entire conversation. Some of it's paraphrased and parts aren't even there, but you get the general idea. I feel like Aunt Bee from Romona and Beezus!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Focus Point Update.

I'm so sorry, everyone, for the delay in posting pictures...again! I keep meaning to take pics and post them but I haven't!
I promise that I will post them soon - but for now, I hope you don't mind waiting...
Thanks for being patient.
Much love,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Headed out

Just felt like sayin'... I'm going to see LYSSA! Leaving in a few minutes! Yay

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bye Bye Trees

Yesterday we had to cut down the two trees in our front yard because the roots were starting to tear the yard, walkway, and driveway up. It was sad to see them go - especially since they offered me a nice view from my window. It is pretty even now, however - it's more open in our yard and it offers more light inside of our house -
I'll post pictures later.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toy Story 3

I saw Toy Story 3 for the first time tonight - it was great! very funny, cute, and happy. But it was also sad. It makes me feel bad for all of my toys that are put away. It silly, but very true.
You don't realize how big of a part toys play in your life until you don't play with them anymore. You don't realize how much fun you had with them until you watch a movie like Toy Story 3 and see how much they miss you - even if they are just toys!
Sigh - The ending was happy yet sad at the same time.
I won't continue - wouldn't want to ruin the movie for you....
By the way Buzz Lightyear is HILARIOUS in this movie - he makes a funny Spanish guy...
ok now I'm really not saying anything more about it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Christmas Mood.

'Tis true, 'tis true... I am in a small Christmas mood.
Tonight at work I was asked to redo the Christmas table at the front of the store. My boss said to, and I quote: "be creative - make it look good, but be as creative as you'd like!" and then... "I am releasing you to be creative anywhere in the store. Enjoy!" He is awesome!
So, I created a nice, organized, yet creative table of Christmas things. I am very pleased with the way it turned out! AND as I did that I was humming along with an instrumental Christmas song!
Oyvey! Now if only I would be motivated to do some Christmas shopping.....



For two nights in a row I have dreamed that I was on a plane heading to Aussie. Both dreams have felt so real. Both times I woke up feeling bummed that the dreams were, in fact, just dreams.
Gotta love when that happens...

New design coming soon!

Ri is working hard on my new blog design, and is doing an excellent job! I am going to have new pages added!
Riah has tried 3 different designs due to my picky idea's and she has made the perfect one for me! She has been very good with my picky ways- patient and understanding. Again I say, everyone needs a Ri!

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new design once it's up!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am desperate for Your touch
a glimpse of heaven through the glory of Your Son
In a moment You can turn a life around
forever to be found in You
And I am reaching out to find
there's nothing greater than Your Love that holds my life
Your Grace and Mercy that has saved me by Your Love
and swept away my shame, Oh Lord

Your Love is like fire
it burns for all to see
my only desire is to worship at Your feet
so let this Fire consume my life!
Let Your Love take me deeper
draw me closer to where you are
cause all I want is more of You
When You call I will follow
at the Cross I surrender all
Jesus I belong to You!

and I surrender to Your Love
forever humbled by the message of the Cross.
I stand abandoned in You presence and embrace
I'll never be the same, Oh God.

Let Your love take me deeper,
draw me closer to where You are,
cause all I want is more of You

When You call I will follow,
at the cross I surrender all,
Jesus I belong to You!


Monday, November 1, 2010

I Cut My Hair...again.

Today, I suddenly wanted to cut my hair short like I did this past April. I asked my mom if she would do it, and she said she would.
So, very much on the spur of the moment, I cut three or so inches off my hair. It is now up to my shoulders. Ri flipped out. Sorry...
I love it though! Now I'm letting it grow again! LOL!!

Me... (Lys style)

I thought it would be fun to do a post like Ri just did, so here goes! (Once again I am sooo sorry for the delay in posting on The Focus Point - I'll get caught up hopefully tomorrow.)

I love:

1. God
2. Australia
3. Family/pets
4. books
5. fires
6. the smell of burnt leaves
7. Photography
8. Snuggling up under a blanket
9. Thanksgiving
10. Sunny days
11. Music!

I hate:

1. Cold weather
2. Waking up with a sore throat
3. Dry skin (I use lotion a lot)
4. Clowns (they are freaky)
5. Badly written books
6. Mascots (they are freaky too)
7. Raisins
8. Oatmeal
9. Greasing baking sheets or any other baking dish
10. Being so tired you can't sleep and being grumpy on top of it!

I am a odd contradiction:

I love Silence
I love Music 24/7

I love the simpleness of the olden days
I love Modern technology (aka: ipod/computers)

I love watching old TV shows
I love when the TV is off

I love colors in my room
I love black and white in my room

I love cooking/baking from scratch
I love microwave popcorn

I'd love to try living in different time periods
I couldn't stand not taking a shower every day (!!!!!!!!!!)

I am weird:

1. I made mud food in my backyard when I was little (didn't eat it)
2. I laugh in movies like "Sweeney Todd" which doesn't make any sense! (any ideas?!)
3. I used to think that there was a band in the trunk of our car and thats where the music came from.
4. I named my first baby boy doll Baby and then later called him Little Baby. (when I was older and didn't play with him, I decided to call him Jacob)
5. I had a valentine bear holding a little red hersheys chocolate kiss that I named Hershey Bear.
6. I ate sand at the beach when I was about 2 years old.
7. I can't go to sleep if I don't put on chapstick (!!!!!)
8. I nearly always read after I go to bed, no matter what time it is
9. I can't sleep well if my hair isn't at least damp
10. I firmly believe Riah and I were born twins and were separated at birth and have been cruelly denied our rights to be with each other at ALL times

I am:
and thats about it.

I am also:

my parents stubborn daughter :)
a very independent individual who, when sets her mind to something, usually gets it done
a sister
a friend
an Aussie at heart
a bookworm
a bookstore employee
a photographer
a history lover
a baby-sitter
a dishwasher
a laundry maid (although I only do my own laundry usually)
a baker
a passionate person
a confident person
an owner of a very big sweet tooth
a tall person
A daughter of the most high God!

That's me!
Great idea for a post, Ri!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I love:

1. chocolate
2. Australia
3. concealer (sad I know)
4. books
5. fires
6. the smell of burnt leaves
7. fall
8. sunggling up under a blanket
9. Thanksgiving
10. Pumpkin Cheese Pie

I hate:

1. cold showers
2. waking up with a sore throat
3. dry hands (I use lotion a lot)
4. cold feet and hands
5. badly written books
6. being sticky
7. prunes
8. cashews
9. my clothes getting wet.
10. taking off make-up with that horrible greasy make-up remover

I am a odd contradiction:

I love the Victorian era
I love electricity

I love the Regency era
I love Html (sometimes ;)

I love the Edwardian era
I love my ipod

I love sewing
I love blog design

I love cooking/baking from scratch
I love microwave popcorn

I'd love to try living in different time periods
I couldn't stand not taking a shower every day

I am weird:

1. I loved C.A.T.'s as a child
2. I thought Michael W. Smith was black (no offense meant to ANYONE), not exactly sure why
3. I learned to say my full name by leaving off the first consonant and vowel of each name. Riah Chelle ----
4. I named my girl baby doll Justin - poor baby
5. I had a valentine bear holding a little red heart that I named "beary-witha-heart". A tad obvious, no?
6. I had a polkadot blanket I called... guess what? Polkadot blankie!
7. I can't go to sleep if I don't put on chapstick
8. I nearly always read after I go to bed, no matter what time it is
9. I can't sleep well with wet hair
10. I firmly believe Lys and I were born twins and were seperated at birth and have been cruelly denied our rights to be with each other at ALL times

I am:
Riah Friah Me O Miah
Riah Chelle

I am also:

my parents stubborn daughter :)
a sister
a friend
a girlfriend
a nerd
a bookworm
a photographer
a blog designer
a history lover
a free baby-sitter ;)
a dishwasher
a laundry maid
a baker
a chef (sorta)
a contradiction
a chocoholic
a short person *sob*
A daughter of the most high God!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Did you see this coming???

If none of the other animals in question are allowed, then what about this:
Duck Billed Platypus!


To Suffocate or to Freeze?

Tonight my mom and I were helping with an advertisement for a kids hair salon (the one mom works at), and there were color sprays to put in the kids hair. Well - let's just say that it smelled so bad that we had to open the door to the outside.
And it was cold.
To suffocate or to freeze.
I'd rather freeze than to suffocate from the smell of that horrid spray!!!
The End.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What about this???

If I can't get a Koala Bear or a Wombat, what about this cute little baby Kangaroo?!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Change.

In the last week and a half, I've found that I've not been reading at all! Odd, I know - normally I have already knocked out four books, but not this week.
I have also found that in place of reading my fiction novels, and being on the computer (sorry about not posting pics everyday - I'll try to post yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's pics after work), I have mostly been spending my free time with God. Hillsong praise and worship has been playing constantly wherever I am (except work).
There have been a couple of times this week that I have gotten irritated or just plain grumpy (tonight being one of those times), and I can't even explain why! So, I stopped what I was doing and played one of my Hillsong DVD's. I closed my eyes and just let God do the work.
After, I felt so much better, and it was like I could breathe again!
God is in complete and full control.
He isn't going to leave us in the dark, and He isn't going to turn His back on us - He is a loving Father!
Here is one of my favorite scriptures - it is sooo awesome!

Romans 8:28
28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Basically, the point of this post is this:
When you are grumpy, sad, angry, hurt, annoyed, irritated, or whatever - give it to God - lay it down at His feet. Don't let yourself get caught up in those things - it only serves to weigh you down. Trust me, I do that sometimes...!
Our God is Love,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

(Sorry Ri)

Yesterday and the day before, I helped with two birthday parties for little kids. With part of the money I earned, I ordered a shirt that says: "I'd rather be in Australia" and under it, it has the Aussie flag!
I am so excited about it!

I have a question for Becky (Petticoat Junction):
If I can't get a Koala Bear, what about a Wombat?
Isn't he soooooo cute?!

Listening to the crickets outside my window,

I just saw...

...a night time rainbow -  IT WAS AWESOME!
I have never seen one like it before - sure, we've all seen faint rainbows around the moon, but this one was farther out and was huge! ...sorta huge...
God's promise still remains even in the darkest night! It's a good reminder for all of us - even when something is going wrong in your life, God is never going to walk away from you. His promise still remains.
And now a quote from a song that is in one of my favorite Super Kid Academy (Kenneth Copeland Ministries kids section) movie:
"...And even when it seems there's no way out, we know You'll see us through! I'll trust You Jesus, put my whole life in Your hands - I'll trust You Jesus, on Your Word I'm gonna stand...!!!
And with that, I'm off to catch some zzzzzzz's - tomorrow I'll be cleaning my room intensely. If I don't post for a couple of days, you may want to send a rescue team in to find me.
Just sayin'.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Right now I am completely and totally focused Australia. (The country not the movie)(not at all surprising)
It is my dream to go there - I am planning a trip there for next Summer sometime(you knew that), and the closer it gets, the more excited I am.
Australia is so wonderful. I've not been yet, however I don't need to have gone before to know that it's wonderful. Sure it probably has its issues, what country doesn't?! It doesn't change a thing for my opinion!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Australia was attacked by the Japanese around the same time of Pearl Harbor?! It's true!

I don't even know what else to say - my head is filled with words, but they stop before I can put them down on "paper".
Now to quote a favorite Disney classic: **ehem**
A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep - In dreams you will lose your heartache - whatever you wish for you keep - Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through - No matter how your heart dreaming, if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true!

Here's to random posts that are very "Lys-ish",

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am starting my Christmas list with this:

I want one -
Mommy, may I get one?
I'll feed it, and wash it, and take care of it, and call it's name George.
Okay, so maybe not George, but I will take care of it and name a it with a good name.
It won't bother you.
I will see to it that it stays with me at all times.
You won't even know it's there!

Ain't he cute?!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joy to the World!

Do I hear Christmas speeding towards us on a fast freight train?! Is it really getting to be that time of years again?!
At work, we have a Christmas tree up and decorated, plus a lot of Christmas merchandise.
I don't know if I'm ready for it yet! Is there a button I can push that will slow time down some?!
Okay, so even if Christmas is rushing quickly towards us, I am slightly excited about the warm and fuzzy time of year while we decorate the house and bake, bake, bake!
Forgive me for skipping over Thanksgiving to write this panicked message - I couldn't help it.
More on this topic later.
I am off to do other stuff. (like take new pics for The Focus Point)
I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And the winner is....

Thank you Joyofdawn for entering! I'm sorry we couldn't chose you both, but I'm hoping that a free blog button will lessen the disappointment. Since you were the only other one to enter I think it's only fair. E-mail me with the information on the order form that you believe will be relitive to the button design (this includes your name and password).  
Amber you got the bonus question right! The answer was "because it was daytime"! Congratulations, go over to my blog to pick out your free bonus design option (go to pricing and packages and scroll down until you see the extras), plus you might want to look at the simple package and see what all it offers. Please e-mail me the order form once you have filled it out - oh and please specify which of your blogs you want designed.
Now you may have noticed that the generator starts at 0 instead of 1, thats because it essentially "cheats" when you put in 1 and 2. I'm not sure why, but it sorta messes up.
Thank you both for entering!

Lyssa and Riah
*You may see that there are three comments on the giveaway, but Bee's doesn't count. She's not only family (yes she's lyssa's sister, but I adopted her as a big sister a long time ago so that makes her my family too), but she also just had her blog designed - litterally JUST designed!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leave Comments Now!

The giveway is now open for business!!! haha.
Leave you comments on the original giveaway post and it could be you who wins!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Giveaway!!! (Enter now!)

This giveaway will be tons of fun! To enter all you do is leave a comment in answer to a random question!
Here's what's included:
  • The Simple Package design goes to the Winner
  • AND a bonus (the bonus is a surprise and will be revealed after the winner is announced) if you answer the question at the end of this post, correctly!
You can start leaving you comments on this post and 6am on Monday morning.
Here is the random question (note: this is not the bonus question - that will be posted tomorrow):
What's your favorite vacation memory?

No entries before 6am on Monday and none after 3pm on Wednesday.

Only one entry per person - all comments are set to be moderated.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning!

See you at the Giveaway!

Bonus Question:
A man is wearing black. Black shirt, pants, shoes, socks...ect. He is walking down a black street with all the street lamps off. A black car is coming towards him with its lights off but somehow manages to stop in time. How did the driver see the man?

*Note the free blog design does not include a designer/digital kit. Sorry, but those aren't free so I can't offer them free. I have never used a kit before, so not using one does not impair my ability to design what you are looking for. If you would like me to use a kit I'm afraid you'll have to be willing to pay for it, unless you chose a very cheep (like $4) one or we come to an agreement on splitting the cost. I'm pretty reasonable.