Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo edits!

I love photo editing... taking a picture and making it look very different is so much fun. Sometimes I get a tad carried away... :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just A Day

Listening to classical music really loudly (so the baby can hear too)
Sipping tea
Playing "Words with Friends" with Bre
Wrapped in a quilt trying to stay warm
Getting maternity photo ideas
Hungry but not feeling like eating anything (mouth is sore)
Missing my dear Chad who is at work
Glad not to have anywhere else to go until Saturday
Loving feeling little bit move around
30wks pregnant!! (not my bathroom - mine is tiny)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sorry it's taken me so long to post. After the hectic-ness of the Disney trip (and quite a few problems leading up to it), life didn't really slow down. I had appointments to go to once we got back and then was sick with a stomach bug for about three days and then had to run errands and do all those things that didn't get done while away and then it was house-cleaning time. But now I'm taking a half rest day due to waking up with cramps, so an hour cleaning = an hour of rest :)

Anyway, now to tell you about Disney! The trip down was interesting, due to some railwork we took two trains and two buses to get to the city we were staying in, only to find out that our rental car was not waiting for us and we had to wait an hour and a half for a person to come shuttle us to the rental car place. Then we get to the hotel and find out we can't check in until 4pm, so we go get lunch (eight people and ALL their luggage in a rental car that fits seven) and run a few errands and waste time until 4, get back to the hotel and find out they messed up our room reservations and have to sort all that out. By this time everyone is exhasted, tired and just wants a shower. I really just wanted a nap.
The next days went better, we visited the four main parks of Disney (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot) and Universal's Islands of Adventure. I didn't actually go to Animal Kingdom, I stayed home the morning/afternoon they went. I went everywhere else. Thankfully since Disney is family friendly there were still rides I could ride and shows I could watch, so I wasn't bored when they rode roller coasters. Universal is a different story, not only is it pretty much only roller coasters with very few side shows, they also have a severe lack of benches to sit on... which meant standing outside of a ride for an hour or so. But all in all it was fun. Here are some of the (very few) pictures I took.

The speedway track and what I think maybe the dumbo ride behind it (not sure, didn't walk over there and I don't remember from last time - they redid Fantasyland)

One of the cute little decorations/interactive thingies in the walkthrough the "graveyard" to the Haunted Mansion ride.
The pond and Frontierland, in the background the famous Disney World castle.
The Tangled tower in a section of Fantasyland they are still building. We didn't get to see any of this area up close. It's boarded up as an construction site, but the tower is tall so no hiding it from prying eyes!
Me in front of the gate to Haunted Mansion (it's in the background - see?). Ignore how tired and pale I look. It was kinda a rough week at times. It was also cold that day.
The baby Tigger that Chad and I bought the baby. Officially the first thing we bought him! I was super excited when I saw him, but it was late and we were headed out of the park (closing time) so we decided to come back and get him, only we didn't go back to that park so I spent the next day going in the shops on Main Street in Magic Kingdom looking for another. I just love Tigger and this baby Tigger is just too cute. I'm really glad it was the first thing we bought little bit.
That's about it for now!

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