Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updates and such

I feel like I'm/we've sorta abandoned y'all. We do apologize and hope that it wont always be this way.

Now for updates.

Wedding plans in full swing and I do mean full. Wedding dress fittings at the end of February, bridal shower plans and florist appointments. Color co-ordination, design ideas, ordering wedding invitation samples to make sure the picture's right, the font style is right, font size and color also. Trying to pin down my plans around my Uncle's, and he doesn't even have settled plans. It's nothing short of annoying, because I have to change my plans (ones I made before they did) just to fit their plans. Ahhhh! Ok, sorry for the vent. I'll move on.

Ok, we went to Grandma's house for ten days. Ran around doing tons of stuff... Saw movies (none that were high on my "to see" list, but whatever:), going to museums and such like. But I also got a sinus infection while there and I haven't shaken it yet. I am feeling tired, sick and run down... But hey, nothing a Chai Tea wont help, right?

My week is booked now too. Got home yesterday, milk run was today, tomorrow is pay day and I have a orthodontist appointment, Thursday we have a consultation with the florist, Friday Lina's guitar lessons and a b-day dinner and Saturday seems to be the only free. I am happy about going to church Sunday though. I've missed three weeks now, first due to being sick with a cold and then two due to being  at Grandma's. I miss a particular little boy so much. He is so adorable. I haven't seen him in too long! He is one of my good friend's little brothers (she has three). He is 2 and just the cutest little things. And I just love to hear him come up to me and say "Wiah... Hi Wiah!" His version of Riah :) Awww I miss him. I also will love to hear a sermon now. It's been too long!

Today was a pretty good day... Except what time I had to get up. I didn't get to bed until about 1am and I had to wake up at 5:30am. I took a shower, got ready for the day, filled up the car and woke up Bre and T. Lynn and made sure they were getting ready. We left at 7 and took Bre to our Grandfather's for her shooting lesson and her gun-smith lesson, then we went to meet Superman for breakfast. It was his b-day today! He's 22 now. After breakfast with Superman we left and headed to get the milk. We stopped by Lyssa's first and we had a nice long visit. Marmie (I love using T.'s new name for mom) and T. Lynn stayed at Lyssa's house and Marmie read and T. occupied herself while Lys and I went to her old work place to pick up her tax stuff, to B.J's to get Vanilla Almond milk and then we dropped by Starbucks to pick up two coffee's for Mom and T. and then Lys and I got Chai Tea Lattes. I am all coffee'd out from being at Grandma's house. She doesn't keep tea and so when we don't go out to eat our options are coffee, milk, lemonade and sprite :) Not that I mind coffee, just I love tea.

And now that I've complained and ranted and talked y'all's ear off, I'll leave y'all with this:
Sorry, it's a Christmas photo... I just haven't uploaded my newest one's onto my laptop yet.
Oh and it's not watermarked, so please ask before use!

Much Love,
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Long time no see!

Hey Y'all!
It's been a long time since I've been in blogger world... there is so much catching up I need to do! But first, here is a look into my life:
The new year started off kinda slow but that didn't last! I spent several days (when I wasn't working) watching the Passion conference online - it was amazing! Wish I could have been there in person, but it all worked out :)
After the Passion conference ended I had a few days with a regular schedule (and a small cold) and then there was a 12 day revival at my church. That was incredible! There were so many people that came from all over the world to be there (and waited in line all day to get in). Each night there was a different speaker, and each night God showed up :) Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the final night of the revival in person...I was sick :( But thankfully it was streaming live online so I was still there in a way :)
Now, a week after it ended, I am almost completely better! YAY!

I'm super excited for the end of February to get here because that's when I am going to Riah's house! YAY! Its been forever since I went. :(
Well, it's time for me to sign off - got more laundry to do - hopefully you will see me around more than you have....

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A peek at...

Something mildly funny.. now that is.

So today T. Lynn and I went to get our ears pierced together. I have my first piercing, but I decided to get second ones right above the first. T. Lynn was super nervous, and I gotta admit that I wasn't a cool cucumber myself. I went first (per T.'s request), selected my earrings and then looked at the marks she placed on my ear for the placement. T. held my hand... as we agreed. I'd hold her hand and she'd hold mine.  So the lady puts in the first earring and it looks good. Puts in the second and it's wayyyy too low. So I'm looking at it and we decide something has to be done. The lady goes in the back to see if they had another one of the earrings I wanted. Sadly they didn't, so what we had to do was take out the too low earring and re-pierce it with a different earring then take the different earring out and put the one I wanted in the new hole. It was pretty painful, especially since they had a hard time putting the back on.
Now I have a third hole in my left ear. Thankfully it's all closed over now and I just have a little red pin-prick... a painful one, but still little :)

Much love,
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Damsel's Daybook #9

Outside my window: Cold and rainy and dark...

I'm thinking about... How much wedding stuff their is!

From the kitchen... Peach cobbler

I am creating... not much

I am reading... Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren.

I am hearing... "How Do I Look?", Kay wiggling in her seat, Bre (her preferred spelling now) complaining that Jennie Mai has no right to tell people how to dress and Mom turning pages in her book.

I am hoping... That I can get the wedding venue settled this week - it simply has to be done!

I am planning... a wedding.

I am wearing... a black skirt, grey long sleeved shirt, black tank, grey socks, engagement ring and two necklaces.

Around the house... not too much, needs to be tidied.

My wish of the week... see "hoping".

Night y'all :)

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Outfit, Photo Friday and Le Happy :)

Ok... This post is to make up for yesterday. I did finally get the photo's to upload!!

First, yesterday's Outfit:
Shirt: Olive green peasant style, Christmas gift.
Skirt: made from old jeans, Goodwill.
Shoes: (can't see them) Black boots, Christmas gift from Superman :)
Necklace and Engagement ring (probably can't see them).

Ok... now on to Photo Friday and Le Happy :)
SOOC - Please do not steal!!!
I didn't have time to edit it and there is no copyright written on it, so please ask before use!

Le Happy :)

new boots
bad day by daniel powter
save the dates
a new book
caramel brulee coffee
barnes and nobels
blue nail polish
sharpie pens
secrets by onerepublic
best friends
happy emails
hand written letters

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorry about not posting today... I couldn't get my camera to upload the photos and I'm too tired to fight with it, especially since I really had to do school and I took a benedryl to counteract an allergic reaction. Benedryl always makes me super sleepy! I'm just gonna upload it to mom's computer tomorrow. That'll be faster!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Randomness Wednesday...

Sorry - I wasn't at home much yesterday! I didn't get a chance to post! Went to Lyssa's.. had a milk run. Overall, just too busy :) I apologize.

Onto randomness Wednesday...

1. iPod apps?
2. School
3. Filters
4. Music


1. I tried to download and app on the iTouch Lys let me have/"borrow" and it is now acting like it's perpetually loading... I don't know how to fix that. Any suggestions people?
2. I'm super nervous, the coming up assignment is the first where I have to submit a photo. I'm freaked it will be a horrid photo!
3. I got a polarizer and UV filter for Christmas, but stupid Ritz camera gave my Grandma (who got them for me) the cheep polarizer rather than tell her they didn't have the more expensive one I wanted (I want a good quality filter, no use in one that will mess up shots). They just wanted to make a sell. So Momma and I went today and talked to a woman there about it and she had one at another store put on hold. She'll (the lady) pick it up Friday at the other location and we'll pick it up Tuesday. They should have just admitted they didn't have it!
4. I have a (very incomplete) wish list on iTunes of the music I want to get at some point, that totals $25.50. I am so tempted to buy it, but that probably isn't a good idea... And like I said, it's way incomplete!

Much Love,
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Great night!

First off, I wanna say how GREAT it was to see my bestest friend in the world, Riah, yesterday! She is so sweet :) She brought me a pair of new earrings without a reason to! :) Love you Ri!

Anyway, so I've been watching Passion live on my computer for the last 2 days (today being the 3rd) and WOW is it good!!!
Hillsong United played last night at a little after 11:30 and I didn't get to bed until 2:30 :)
God is so good!!!
more later (hopefully) :)

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Damsel's Daybook 8 :)

Outside my window... It's dark. Yeah I know it's late.

I'm thinking about... How I hate colds.

From the kitchen... Nothing - we already ate supper.

I am creating... Um? Hannah's blog design... yep, that!

I am reading... Torrent by Lisa Bergren.

I am hearing... The Singing Bee.

I am hoping... That this cold goes away quickly.

I am planning... On seeing Lys tomorrow.

I am wearing... A blue jean skirt, blue peasant style shirt with cream cami, socks, heart necklace and engagement ring.

Around the house... No more Christmas decorations. We took them down today.

My wish of the week... That we'll get some more of the wedding stuff nailed down.

Sorry it's late!

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