Saturday, January 7, 2012

Outfit, Photo Friday and Le Happy :)

Ok... This post is to make up for yesterday. I did finally get the photo's to upload!!

First, yesterday's Outfit:
Shirt: Olive green peasant style, Christmas gift.
Skirt: made from old jeans, Goodwill.
Shoes: (can't see them) Black boots, Christmas gift from Superman :)
Necklace and Engagement ring (probably can't see them).

Ok... now on to Photo Friday and Le Happy :)
SOOC - Please do not steal!!!
I didn't have time to edit it and there is no copyright written on it, so please ask before use!

Le Happy :)

new boots
bad day by daniel powter
save the dates
a new book
caramel brulee coffee
barnes and nobels
blue nail polish
sharpie pens
secrets by onerepublic
best friends
happy emails
hand written letters

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  1. bad day, new book, caramel brulee coffee, cheesecake, giggles, sharpies, enchanted, secrets by onerepublic, happy emails, handwritten letters.
    yes. uhuh. that's the stuff right there. love it :))
    also, i love that ornament photo! so sparkly!
    -jocee <3


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