Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Randomness Wednesday...

Sorry - I wasn't at home much yesterday! I didn't get a chance to post! Went to Lyssa's.. had a milk run. Overall, just too busy :) I apologize.

Onto randomness Wednesday...

1. iPod apps?
2. School
3. Filters
4. Music


1. I tried to download and app on the iTouch Lys let me have/"borrow" and it is now acting like it's perpetually loading... I don't know how to fix that. Any suggestions people?
2. I'm super nervous, the coming up assignment is the first where I have to submit a photo. I'm freaked it will be a horrid photo!
3. I got a polarizer and UV filter for Christmas, but stupid Ritz camera gave my Grandma (who got them for me) the cheep polarizer rather than tell her they didn't have the more expensive one I wanted (I want a good quality filter, no use in one that will mess up shots). They just wanted to make a sell. So Momma and I went today and talked to a woman there about it and she had one at another store put on hold. She'll (the lady) pick it up Friday at the other location and we'll pick it up Tuesday. They should have just admitted they didn't have it!
4. I have a (very incomplete) wish list on iTunes of the music I want to get at some point, that totals $25.50. I am so tempted to buy it, but that probably isn't a good idea... And like I said, it's way incomplete!

Much Love,
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  1. Haha, cute♥ I don't think my music wishlist will EVER be complete ;)

  2. I know the feeling about the Ipod, but I have NO idea how to fix it or I would have done so with mine.


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