Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My love

Photography is my love and nature photography is my favorite of all types, although basically if you can photograph it, I probably will. Here are some of my newest photographs.

Out behind my house - please pretend my car and that bin are not in the corner... I took this when I was in a hurry to get to Mom's to cook for Thanksgiving.
Lemon pound cake. One of the many desserts being served at the dinner (made by moi).
My handsome husband!
A cake that tasted super awesome (and help me get a 10/10 on my last assignment).
Apples on our annual apple picking excersion.
An interesting flower taken at the Zoo a little before our wedding.
Hopefully more pictures coming soon!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh Wednesday

Reading Red by Ted Dekker
Writing a letter to Amber
Washing Dishes (not fun but hey)
Going through the "homework" the birth center gave me
Painting my nails Pure Ice Splash blue
Wishing I could text Lys
Knowing I can't due to her shoots
Trying to convince myself that if I just get up and move I wont feel as tired
And losing the argument with myself
Pinning on Pinterest
Texting my dear husband
Smiling everytime I think of the baby
Having a good Wednesday
Happy day before Thanksgiving,

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beautiful Songs

Ever heard a song that was so beautiful or so heart wrenching it made you just ache? Ever listened to a song over and over because it made you soar just to hear it? Because it was so important that you just have learn every single lyric? Ever listened to a song that just perfectly fit the moment or what you are going through, or perhaps just made you remember someone you love? I have. I have ached and laughed and cried and smiled and rocked out and danced around my room or my house listening to music. Happy, sad, it doesn't matter. Music is an important part of my life. So I thought I'd list a couple of songs here. (click on the names to hear the songs)

Songs that make me ache:

My Heart Will Go One (aka the Titanic movie theme song) Celine Dion. I don't even like the movie Titanic (too much Jack and Rose crap), but the thought of the Titanic its self makes me ache and so does this song.

Once Upon A December from the disney movie Anastasia. The sad end to the Romanov family always makes me ache. The disney movie did too (including the ending where she sails away from her newly found grandmother to go off with her boy friend).

Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood. So so sad. As a WWII history fan this makes me feel physical pain.

When Your Gone by Avril Levine. The music video litterally makes me cry.

Songs that make me happy:

Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Alot of times my sisters and I play this if we're having a bad day or all stressed or if we just need a pick up.

Smile by Uncle Kracker. Mine and Chad's song.

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Very sweet, very happy!

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat.

Haven't Met You - Michael Buble

Songs that make me feel awesome:

Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Very strong song.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Just very fun :)

Don't Stop Believing by Journey. It's so fun and makes my think of Losers everytime I hear it.

Potential Break Up Song by Aly and AJ. Just a fun rock out song.

Songs that make me feel full of praise:

Exalted One by Elevation Worship.

Running by Hillsong Live

Forever Reign by Hillsong Live

Sing Sing Sing by Chris Tomlin

(all subject to change at all times)

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Life :)

So in the last several weeks I......
Found out I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!!! (Yay Riah )
Got asked to go back to my old Lifeway job... I accepted (as in on top of my other two jobs, not quiting any of them) -
Helped a friend of mine who was in a bad car accident... someone ran a red light and hit her. It's been 3 weeks and she still needs a lot of help, but she didn't have any broken bones or anything too serious!! Praise God!
Decided to move into my sisters old room (she got married in September). I'm wanting to paint it grey and have white, yellow, and black decor. So excited.
Saw Wreck is Ralph and Pitch Perfect. Both good!
Got a cold :/
Started the Lifeway job on Tuesday! After almost a year of being gone from there, everything came back to me pretty fast!
and last but not least....
I got a phone call today from my Photography boss. She asked me if I would be interested/comfortable lead shooting a wedding next year!!! That's HUGE! I told her yes :) I'm really excited!
That's whats been going on (in an overview) lol.
I'm off to sleep now :) I have a full day tomorrow of non-stop work!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

So Much Going On (Exciting News)

Life is taking so many turns for me right now. Not bad ones, just lots of them. It feels like everything has happened so quickly.

December 2009 - Started seeing Chad.
Spring 2010 - Lost my dear Grandfather (who was a really close friend as well and Grandfather).
Summer 2010 - Graduated.
December 2010 - One year with Chad.
Feburary 2011 - Engaged.
Fall 2011 - Started photography school and wedding planning.
December 2011 - Two years with Chad.
February 2012 - One year engaged.
Spring 2012 - Bridal Shower/Uncles Wedding.
Summer 2012 - Married!!!
So far Fall 2012 - Moved to a new house. Almost completed photography school (got my first perfect score on an assignment) and...

Little bit - what we're currently calling the baby - is estimated to be due June 3rd (just 13 days before our first anniversary). That would mean I am currently 10 1/2 weeks along! I've not had anything but blood work done though, so the due date could change.

Well, as I'm currently feeling a bit sick (I don't have morning sickness, I have all-day-comes-and-goes sickness), I'm gonna run.

Love your new mom-to-be,
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