Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Le Happy (lazy morning)

le happy
toe nails painted to look like sneakers
playing mario
sewing projects
getting married in two weeks and three days
sun chips
marriage license
11 year old giggles
peanut M&M's for breakfast
vanilla almond milk
funny conversations with Momma
funny conversations with T.Lynn
hope chest gifts
phone calls with Lys
photography schooling
lazy mornings :)

rocking chairs!

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Monday, May 28, 2012


Dear Bridal Stores,
Just because I tried on three dresses at your store does not mean I'm interested in every single sale/giveaway/brides-maids dress release.

Annoyed with phone calls and emails

Dear Facebook,
I have no clue who that weird person on my side bar is and no I don't care if we have 5 friends in common, I'm not going to friend request them!

Tired of "friend suggestions"

Dear Party City,
Not all bridal stuff has to be silver and/or white.

A bride who knows

Dear Shampoo Commercials,
It doesn't matter how long I use moisture shampoo & conditioner, my hair never looks like that!

I still have dry hair

Dear Nail Strengthener,
I have put coats and coats of you on and my nails still break.

That stuff only works if you don't

Dear Pandora,
I think I should be allowed to skip more songs per hour then you let me.

I don't like listening to bad songs

Dear Sewing Patterns,
You need to be more user friendly.

I can never follow those things

Dear Chefs on Food Network,
Quit making it look easy to cut mangos

I'm now sporting a cut finger

Dear Readers,
I love y'all

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Hey y'all!
(I haven't forgotten you....I promise)

Yesterday I had gone out for a little while and on the way home I saw this HUGE, gorgeous storm cloud. The sunset was casting an orange glow on it. I just had to get pictures of i pulled into a parking lot and shot away. This is one of my favorites :)

And here is another one...

This only proves that I should ALWAYS have my camera with me no matter where I go!
Well, that's all for now! I will post again soon :D
much love,

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Bridal Shower Pics (part 1)

I apologize for falling off the blogging planet. I'd love to say once things settle I'll blog more, but no such promises will you hear from me. I'm getting married in 22 days and after that I'll be Mrs. M (yes my initials will be MMM - thank you very much). So, no promises, sorry!
Now for photos of the awesome Bridal Shower my dear bestest friend and maid-of-honor Lyssa threw me. (side note, if you want an amazing maid-of-honor, consider Lys... Except then you'll be treading on my best friend territory and I'll have to hurt ya).

The punch table (non-alcholic) was set up in our Sunroom. See all those pretty sunflower glasses?
In case ya didn't watch my video, those were hand-painted by my wonderful sister Bre. I don't know if you can see it, but under the bottom of the handle on that yellow pitcher is the word "M.A. Lemonade" with a little leaf beside it. I love that pitcher. 

close up :)

Cookie dough dip and chocolate graham crackers are so good!

Veggie tray (aren't those plates cool?).

Momma made this sunflower cake. In the center are chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Isn't that a beautiful cake? I loved it!!

Homemade Cream cheese mints shaped like sunflowers. These mints are always a favorite and they are so easy to make.

Pigs n' a blanket and mini quiches. I love both and so did everyone else it seemed :)

Giant glasses filled with M&M's as a play on my soon-to-be initials :)

Well thats all for right now. More pictures to come (and the last video should be uploaded soon, I forgot about it because it wasn't on my computer, it was on Momma's).

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Body and Soul - Frank Sinatra :)

My heart is sad and lonely
For you I sigh, just for you only
Why haven't you seen it
I'm all for you body and soul

I spend my days in longing
And wondering why it's me that you're wronging
I tell you that I mean it
I'm all for you body and soul

I can't believe it
It's hard to conceive it
That you’d turn away romance
Are you pretending
Because It looks like the ending
Unless I could have one more chance to prove, dear

My life a wreck you're making
You know I'm yours just for the taking
I'd gladly surrender myself to you body and soul

My life a wreck you're making
You know I'm yours for the very taking
I’d gladly surrender myself to you body and soul

-Frank Sinatra
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In which I ramble

So I am weird and the things I love completely prove that... Let me go over a list!

I couldn't find a picture with just the mild jalapeno ones. But those are the ones I love. I never tried the other two, but I am seriously addicted to the mild jalapeno chedder ones! I'm drooling now!

Purple nail polish. I love blue for toes, but for finger nails purple all the way. Right now I'm wearing purple. It graduates from darker purple at the tips to lighter purple at the buttom (none of it is particularly light though). I am loving the purple :D

Color palettes! Don't know why, it's probably the blog-designing-soon-to-be-house-wife nerd in me, but I can't help it and I don't plan on stopping soon.

Paper lanterns! I am in love and obsessed. I have some hanging in my room now! Of course I also have two bows, many many arrows, a fishing pole, pratically a whole art studio, camera stuff and stacks and stacks of books in my room, so adding paper lanterns isn't odd at all... No, not at all.

Disney movies, particulary Tangled and Sleeping Beauty.

Love tv shows like Bones, NCIS, Numbers and Criminal Minds.

Ruffles - ok, yes I can be girly and yes it just killed me to admit on our blog to 30 readers that I like pink (or teal or blue) ruffles, but I do... So I figure being honest is best.

Lighting, light flares, slight over-exposure (when properly used), spherical abberation (aka bokeh), octogonal abberation (still bokeh) and such like. I adore them and feel a flutter in my stomach when I see it. One of the many reasons I love the new Star Trek movie. It's full of those and I am in lighting imperfection heaven.   

Books - I love them, adore them, pour over them!!

That's it!
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all pictures via my pinterst boards

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amendment One

For NC passed tonight! Officially in NC one man+one woman = marriage!!!! We got it passed with 60% of th vote! I'm so thrilled!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being Honest

"Some people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are."
-Author Unknown (to me)

We all want to be something other than what we are. We want to be taller or shorter. We want to be skinnier or curvier (is that a word?). We want to have blue eyes or brown eyes or green eyes. Our lips aren't full enough (or too full), our jawline not defined enough. Our skin isn't clear or tanned or its not a pretty complexion.
Being completely honest here, I have to say I think the same things. Some of the stuff that runs through my mind is as follows:
"Gosh my face is so broken out."
"I wish my nose was smaller."
"My hair is such a boring color and it's sooooo dry."
"My thighs are too heavy, I really need to work on that."
"I look so dumpy in pictures because I'm too short for my figure."
"I wish my eyes had stayed blue, not changed to this non-decript color."
"My eye shape is so horrible."
"Wow, this shirt makes me look so heavy."
"I'm getting softer around my abdomen, I should do some crunches."
"My teeth are horrible."
And my newest:
"Oh - oh this is just great. I'm already nerdy, I already had glasses and now I have braces too."
No, I haven't been handling the braces/glasses duo cliche very well - it's not that I'm pitching a fit or fussing and screaming about it, but all I can think is how ulra horrible it looks on me. I don't feel like I'm one of those cute vintage-y girls who can pull it off.
please ignore the random add the the bottom of this photo

Yeah - I think all that. I look at pictures of teeny girls and think "wow I'm dumpy". I see a cute dress, fall in love and then try it on and think "if only I were skinnier this would look good". I'm sure that there isn't a person on the planet who hasn't thought something at some point was wrong with them. We wouldn't be human if we didn't think things like that. Sometimes we've wondered if the person we had a crush on would like us better "if...". We've wondered if the other person was more popular simply because they were prettier (in our opinion). Sometimes we look and look at the girl/guy who seemly has all the dates and everyone likes them and wonder "Why? Why is everyone in love with him/her? Is he/she that much better looking than me? How ugly am I?". If you haven't thought anything like any of this then I am begging you, please tell me your secret!
So we need to come up with a solution right? I've thought of a few, but it doesn't seem to always work. Like when I think "My hair is so awful" I should correct myself and say "Well at least I have hair". Not that you can't look beautiful without hair, you can. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are those who have lost their hair due to illness or such, but I'm trying to make a point about counting blessings. When I think "My waist is getting soft" I should think "Well that can always be fixed with a bit of work". But I don't always think that. I beat myself up, I tear myself down. I forget that an all - perfect God has designed me. That he made my nose just the right size for me, that he made me shorter than some, that he made my eyes the color they are. We should be happy with how God made us. I'm not saying "No make-up, God made you perfect". Yes, you are beautiful with out make up, you do not need it, but sometimes it's nice to wear it, like when we paint a house to make it look all nice. And no, please no heavy make up. Make up should be used to enhance, when we paint a house we still see the house underneath, the paint is there to enhance the looks. I'm also not saying "Don't worry about working out or eating healthy". We should take care of our bodies, but we need to also accept we may never look like a model, that we may be bigger boned so its ok if we're never a size 2 or 4 or even 6. Its ok to be 8 or 10 or 12. Heck its ok to be who you are, whatever that maybe, whatever size that maybe. You are handsome. You are beautiful.

Just being me,
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