Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Oh How I'd Like to Travel" a poem...

I lie awake each night
Staring at the ceiling
Following each crack
Finding new routes

Oh, how I’d like to travel
Somewhere new,
Somewhere old,
Somewhere where the people;
Sing merrily
Dance happily

Oh, how I’d like to travel
On a plane,
On a boat,
On something that will get me there;
Fast, like a soaring bird
Safely, like a locked room

Oh, how I’d like to travel
To see the sunset of a new horizon
To smell the sweet smells of newness
Like the delicious croissants;
Of France
Like the finest chocolates
Of Belgium
Like the mouth watering tomatoes
Of Spain
To taste each one would full
A delicacy unknown to my taste buds.

Oh, how I’d like to travel
Could be anywhere
It doesn’t have to be far
Because like every crack
It can be long route or,
It can be short route       

Written by,
Jodi Right

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Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey Y'all!
I wanted to share with you that our dear Riah got married this past Saturday. She and Superman were really excited :)
The whole thing was beautiful (even with the few things that got messed up).
I was so happy to be apart of the planning and standing up with her as her Maid of Honor. I couldn't ask for a better best friend :)

I'm sure there will be pictures to post soon - but for now I'm off to work :)
Congrats to Riah and Superman - love y'all!!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Summer is..
 sweet tea

 humid evenings.

Summer is
fresh zuchini strait from the garden and stir fried.

Summer is
 late evenings that don't feel late because the sun sets around seven or eight.

Summer is
 watermellon with dinner or for dessert - whichever you like.

Summer is
for complaining its too hot for starbucks, but then going and getting a latte anyway.

Summer is
 for cotton dresses
 bare feet (if forced to wear shoes, flip flops).

Summer is
for splashing in creeks
 front porch (or back deck) sitting.

 Summer is
 for reading outside, maybe in the grass, maybe on a swing, maybe on the porch.

Summer is
 for journaling and quote-booking.

Summer is
for smoothies
 ice cream.

Summer is
 for laughs

Your summer happy,
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all pictures via mt "summer is..." pinterest board.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Afternoons {daybook #10}

Outside my window: Blue skies, puffy little clouds, sun-shiny.

I'm thinking about: How I should really be cutting out a pattern right now.

From the kitchen: Cake, vanilla with chocolate frosting as a matter of fact.

I am reading: Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen.

I am listening to: Beenie talk, sounds from outside and Fireflies by Owl City.

I am hoping: we get everything done.

I am planning: A wedding

I am wearing: a calf length, light weight blue "jean" skirt, black tank, plaid button-up shirt (unbuttoned with the sleeve rolled up - because that how we in the south dress), long leather necklace with three small keys, hoops, red studs, rubber bracelet, hair scruncy (like a bracelet) and engagement ring.

Around the house: wedding stuff!! and needs to be tidied.

My wish of the week: I get my mother-in-law-to-be's dress finished.

Much love and summer happiness,
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Of Gardens and Spring

We've been busy with our garden. Because I'm getting married between planting season and harvesting season, I wont be putting in my own garden this year. That'll have to wait until next spring (hey - next spring I'll have been married almost a year). But, Momma said if I helped put in this garden (which I'd do any way, thank you very much Momma) that she'd plant extra and give some to us. I jumped at the chance. And of course I'll be back a lot to work on canning since I don't have any canning stuff. Plus canning is easier with a bunch of people and it only makes sense to help perchase stuff and just all can together. Ok.. Sorry about the rabbit trail. On to pictures :)

Lettuce. Although it looks great here, it sadly became slug infested and we had to pull it all out. It was really really gross.

Pepper plants.

Garlic (I think).



Now these aren't up-to-date photos... But they're the ones I have :)

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I love my BFF!

Dear Everyone,
My best friend is getting married in 2 two weeks from Saturday!!
Feels like just yesterday we were talking about "never" getting married and traveling the world as famous photographers :) 6 years flew by fast since the first time we had that conversation! Heck, 20 years flew by fast!
I can't wait to be apart of Riah's big day! :)
Love ya Ri!

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