Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maid to Match!

Deeanne Gist is in my top four favorite authors list. She has written and published five novels so far and has two new ones in the process of being written.
Here are a list of her books in order:
  • A Bride Most Begrudging
  • The Measure of a Lady
  • Courting Trouble
  • Deep in the Heart of Trouble (continuation of Courting Trouble)
  • A Bride in the Bargain

I have read all of them. Multiple times. When it comes to writing, Deeanne Gist does a wonderful job at it!

Her new books that will both be coming out in 2010 are:

  • Beguiled (release date: January '10)
  • Maid to Match (release date: June '10)

Maid to Match is the one I am especially excited about because it is a story set in the Biltmore Estate in the mountains of North Carolina! I used to go there sometimes when I was little. I can imagine how wonderful the story will be!

Maid to Match

"Sparkling Historical Romance from Bestselling Author Deeanne Gist
From the day she arrives at the Biltmore, Tillie Reese is dazzled--by the riches of the Vanderbilts and by Mack Danvers, a mountain man turned footman. When Tillie is enlisted to help tame Mack's rugged behavior by tutoring him in the ways of refined society, the resulting sparks threaten Tillie's efforts to be chosen as Edith Vanderbilt's lady's maid. But the stakes rise even higher when Mack and Tillie become entangled in a cover-up at the town orphanage. They could both lose their jobs...and their hearts."

Sounds delightful doesn't it?!

Slacking off!!!

So as you can tell...
I have majorly slacked off on blogging!
Once I explain why, I am sure you will understand...
For starters, two weeks ago my older sister caught the Chicken Pox for the 2nd time in her life. She got a lot of chicken jokes from our dad, and me! I guess I shouldn't have teased so much... I caught them too...for the second time in my life! I bet you can imagine how very unwelcome Chicken Pox is at age seventeen! Or in my sisters case, almost twenty-one! lol.
I felt/feel very normal. Only thing that bothered me from the pox was slight itching, slight uncomfortableness, and a major headache that lasted for three days. My mom said I had a fever the first and second day. I believe it!!!
I am almost better. But am still contagious. Bummer! I can't go to Starbucks or go see my favorite horses and ponies until I am better.
It would make since that if I can't go anywhere yet, then I should be able to blog and such without slacking off. I spent my time re-reading a wonderful books series called the "Yellow Rose Trilogy" by Lori Wick! Love those books! I also spent time playing with my new/first phone! It is a Samsung Alias! It is amazing! I didn't really get on the computer until yesterday. But then I caught up on my emails and such.
But hey, I don't need to go on explaining. I'm blogging now!
I have so fall pictures I will try to post soon. Loading the pictures to the blog sometimes kicks me off the Internet. It makes it difficult to get anything done when that happens!
Oh! This morning my sister texted me from her room to tell me that our Christian radio station was playing Christmas music this weekend!!!! How awesome is that?!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A fall day ride!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Don't you just love fall time?! (I usually edit the pictures before I share them, but I haven't had a chance to to that yet.) Yesterday afternoon I went on a trail ride. I rode a pony named Duke. He is very sweet!
We were on trail for about an hour and 20 minutes. I took over 200 pictures during that time. This picture is one of my favorites. I love the way everything reflects against the water.
I don't think I put in my "about me" section that I love photography. I want to become a professional photographer one day!

I will post pictures on this blog as often as I can. Usually when I try to load pictures to blogger, it kicks me off the Internet. Grrr.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saddles and Spurs...

Hey ya'll!
I am sure my last post made you laugh... no? Maybe a little?
Well, my best friends mom had made a blog spot and I thought it looked like fun. I was thinking and thinking about getting one. As you can tell, all that thinking turned into action!
This blog may not always make sense. I tend to get on the funny side with blogs. LOL.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do so often!

Star-Gazers Anonymous

My name is Lys, and I am a star gazer. **deep sigh**
**That felt great!**
Thank you!