Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sad, sad, sad!

I can watch a movie that everyone else is tearing up at and never so much as blink. I can watch a movie that everyone else is sobbing over and never get watery eyes, but books... Books can get me nearly every time if the writer is good enough and I feel attached to the character.

When I was little, I read the Elsie Dinsmore books all the time, over and over again. My copies of the first few books are just about worn out. The part in the first book (or is it second?) where Elsie nearly dies made me cry every time I read it. I knew she was going to live, obviously. There were other books about her, so there was no way, but I cried anyway. I don't anymore, obviously, but I used too.

When Rue died and Katniss sung to her until she died I about started to tear up. It was unbelievably sad. I knew she was going to die, but it was still sooooo sad.

Henri's death is so much more devastating then it was in the movie. Henri was a more loving and father-like character. When he died he told John that he wouldn't have traded a moment of his life on earth with John for anything. He lost his entire life on his planet and his wife that he adored, but he still loved John that much, how sweet was that? And not gushy, romance sweet. It was pure, fatherly love.

When I first read Anne of the Island, I cried and cried when Anne's school friend Ruby Gillis died at about 18. She had what they called consumption, aka: tuberculosis. She was so sad that she wouldn't get married and have little babies. She was scared about that she wouldn't go to heaven and she was scared that even if she did go to heaven that she would be missing life. That she was leaving everything she knew and loved behind. **sob**
It's been a long time since I've cried over a book, but I have teared up a bit recently.

Now onto some pictures I've taken:

This picture was taken at the farm we get milk from. They have these growing all around the fence.

This lady bug was kind of adverse to taking a picture. She (or he) kept crawling away, so Bree scared her (or him) into staying put for about a second. She (or he) started moving right about the time I snapped the picture, hence the blurriness.

The sunset was reflecting beautifully on these clouds that were out front of our house.

Another "cliche" picture. I wanted a good one, but I haven't gotten one yet. I need to do it in the afternoon when natural light in coming in the window. And I need to zoom in more.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I turned...

19 today.


Monday, June 27, 2011


So today at lunch time during camp, I was going around the tables filling up cups of water... there was a chair sitting too far back and I didn't see it.... My foot hit it really hard and I heard a crack. My toe next to my pinkie toe hurt soooo bad. I started to laugh hysterically because it hurt so bad. Don't ask me why I laugh when I get hurt but I do!
My toe turns out to be broken, swollen, and black and blue! Yay me... lol
SO I am going to go wrap it and go to bed!
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Macro Monday

This will be my first time entering Macro Monday.  Here is my picture:

-Riah Friah Me O Miah

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remember me??

Hello my fellow bloggers...
Long time no talk!
I know it's been a while since I've posted but I have a good reason... I've been working from 7:45am to 5pm and then on some days going straight from the camp job to Lifeway to work until close. Its been a crazy 2 weeks adjusting to my schedule but I'm getting used to it enough to do this post. lol

I've been taking a good amount of pictures when I have some free time - I've missed taking pictures so much!

Riah and I are probably going to see Hillsong United in concert in a couple of months! We are super excited about it - can't wait!!

Well, I'm going to end this choppy post for now and get some sleep! G'night all!
With love and yawns,
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue toenails, charm bracelets and more.

Here are the promised pictures:

Here are my toenails - please ignore the ugly feet :) Oh and yes, my pinkie toe does look like that. No it's not broken, nor has it ever been broken.
Doesn't the blue look so cute against the white/ivory? I particularly love that shade!

Here is that charm bracelet I got at an Antique store.

I love this charm!

This is the anklet I got for my birthday. The necklace is identical. Please ignore the cleanliness of the window sill. I haven't dusted it in about a week. 

Lyssa, this is where we moved the reading nook to in our room. When you walk in the room our beds are to the right. We rearranged it so it will look cleaner and you'll be able to fit better when you stay next time :)


We have a monster in our house

note: hopefully my next post will have the promised pictures. I just need to take the photos.

We have a monkey pj (pajama) monster in our house. This monster is little, very little in fact. This monster is blond and freckled. This monster is a little, blond, freckled girl who just happens to go by T. Lynn and is known as my littlest sister.

Now you may be wondering why I call her a monster, particularly a pj monster. Well it's simple. She LOVES pj's. Adores them in fact. You know that statistic that says that being in your pj's late into the day makes you sluggish and depressed? She is the opposite. If she isn't in her pj's late into the day she is depressed! She begs to stay in them and in the early evening she begs to get back in them.

I'm sure your next question is "what about the monkeys?" Your answer is her favorite pair of pj's are a green pair with little monkeys all over it. Her newest fascination is monkeys. If it isn't a monkey, frog or bug she probably isn't happy.

What made me post about our female, blond, freckled, monkey pj's monster, you ask? Well this little monster came in the room while Mom and I were looking at fabric for her flower girl dress. We would pull one up and we'd ask her if she liked it and she'd reply "does it have monkeys? no? then I don't like it". We had to tell her that she was not allowed to wear monkeys to the wedding. Guess what she did?! She blackmailed me! She said she wouldn't be my flower girl if she didn't get to wear monkeys. I came up with the idea to look for a monkey pin to wear on her flower girl dress, but Mom and I didn't really like the ones they had. We looked for charms, necklaces, bracelets and rings. We couldn't find anything we liked. So we started looking for a small stuffed animal she could hold in her basket. We ended up with this:
Yep, this is what T. Lynn is going to have in her flower girl basket along with whatever type of petal we have her scatter. It's sad that I had to bribe my sister to be my flower girl. She is against the wedding anyway, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised :)
You know what? After we let her pick a monkey to carry she told us she did like one of the fabrics? She is such a little twerp!

Your tired (its 12:33am) and amused,
Riah Friah

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A birthday tag.

Stella made a birthday tag for herself and I thought I'd do it simply because it looks fun!

1. If you could be born any day of the year, what day would it be?
Hum, it would be interesting to be born February 29th (leap year). Then you could pick whether to celebrate your birthday either on Feb. 28th or Mar. 1st when it wasn't leap year!

2. What do you want your wedding dress to look like?
Oo Oo! I know this one! I actually have a wedding dress picked out!!! Finally I can answer this question with more than a "I don't know nor do I really care". Wait, I'm not going to answer it. I want y'all to be surprised when you see the pictures! So never mind!

3. (confessions time) What is an odd thing about you that nobody knows?
Uh - well this isn't going to work... Lyssa knows everything. I guess I'll have to settle for something y'all don't know. I do not like fireworks unless they are on tv or REALLY far away from me. I think they look cool and all, but I hate the noise! Plus I've always been afraid I might get burned by the sparks or some such thing.

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Character or feature? Either I'd want to be taller (I'm like 5' 3" or 5' 4") or I'd like to be more patient...

5. Random time - tell us anything:
My "Something Blue" at the wedding will be blue toenail polish. Fun, no? We accidentally stumbled upon this when I was trying on wedding dresses and my toes were painted blue. It looked SO cool. I have a picture somewhere...

6. Mac or PC?
Uh, PC? I've never used Mac.

7. What is your favorite song right now?
Probably Cheek to Cheek sung by Fred Astaire. Or maybe I Do by Colbie Caillat or even Make you Feel My Love by ADELE... Hum... yeah Cheek to Cheek wins!

8. Do you get very tan during the summer? Doing what?
Its depends on the year, some years I go out more than others. Mostly gardening, mowing/weed eating and sitting out reading. I got really burnt one year when I hadn't been out much since it was the end of May. I sat out and read almost an entire book all day. I got really red, but after that I go an awesome tan! Rambling over.

9. How long do you consider too long for hair to be?
It depends. Some people look good with longer hair and some with shorter, plus weight/thickness has a lot to do with it. I have really thick hair and I can't have it long unless I keep layers in it.

10. Big earrings or small?
Again, it depends. I like dangles, but only of a certain width or length. I don't like those really big hoops. Plus big jewelry doesn't look good on my because I am small.

11. Do you like lowercase?
In it's acceptable place. I like using proper capitalization. I only use lowercase a lot when I'm IMing Lys.

12. Is there anyone famous that you (or any part of you) looks like?
Um, no? I have been told twice I look like Anne Hathaway, but it was after Ella Enchanted came out and I think it was just the hair or maybe our over all coloring is similar? I don't think I look like her at all, she is prettier!

13.What is the weirdest thing you have ever photographed?
Um, an up close of a chess board,  falling puzzle pieces, a shoe, a cellphone. I don't know what all. It depends on what you qualify as weird.

14. What is something you say more than five times a day?
"How am I supposed to know?" - generally to one of my littler sisters who think I should know everything, but sometimes to Kay or my parents.

15. Which do you think is better or worse: Facebook or Twitter?
Oh, a lameness compitition? Um... probably twitter. I seriously think it is ridiculous to "tweet" about every little detail, plus there is the question about how it makes everyone else feel. It becomes a popularity contest, it makes people feel like their life isn't as interesting enough, on and on. But Facebook is pretty silly too..

16. (time for a super typical question) What is your favorite food?
*just a note: I am quoting her questions exactly. Anything bolded are her exact words. I'm not being rude by adding the things in the parenthese.
Chicken n' Dumplings (my mom's only) and maybe stuffed Strawberries

17. Do you like Antique stores or Thrift stores?
Antique for sure! I bought the cutest charm bracelet at an Antique store once!

18. What is something you've always longed to do, but never did?
Most of the time I want to do something I just do it. Dance for sure. Any and all dancing.. well any acceptable dancing. Ballet, tap, swing, ball room.. most any kind.

19. Do you love or loath peace signs?
Can I go with neither? I really don't have much of an opinion on them. T. Lynn loves them though, so when I see a peace sign I think of her. So maybe leaning more towards the "love" side since they make me think of my "baby" sister. (She isn't really a baby - she's ten.)

20. What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
I don't have one. If I like it then I'm not going to bother being guilty about it. Let's just pretend it's Ben and Jerry's Half Baked and be done with it :)

Ok... finished ;) Now a list of things I should post pictures of soon:
1. My blue toe nails
2. My charm bracelet
3. The necklace and anklet I was given yesterday
4. My bedroom since I just rearanged it. This one is mostly for Lyssa's benefit, that way she'll know what the room will look like when she comes to stay in August!

-Riah Chelle

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Many Thanks!

Yesterday we had our big June birthday party. We all got together and exchanged gifts, had cake, ice cream and hot dogs. It was great fun. I thought I'd list everything I have gotten so far.

Lys gave me this necklace one day randomly. See this post.

Amber sent this table runner to me as an engagement gift. It was such a surprise!

She even hand stitched part of it! Several other things came in the box as well, but I didn't have time to locate them all, since they are now being used in my sewing and put in my hope chest.

Mom gave me these for my hope chest.

Amber (same Amber as before) sent me this handmade card and cross stitched book mark. She is really good at remembering that I like yellow and blue.

Bree gave me a Brooke Fraser CD and the second book in the series I'm reading. The book came out this month - or maybe it was last month - and I have been dying to read it. I loved the first one.

Beenie got me my favorite scented lotion and then put it in a jar and had Mom helped her with the cute little topper.

My dear friend Danielle gave me this necklace today at church. I love it. In fact I'm wearing it now.

Lys gave me these. I've already read A Dream To Call My Own, but I loved it, so Lys bought me my own copy. The one I read before was her copy. The other two I haven't read yet, but I'm going to after I finish reading my library books.

SO DO Y'ALL WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE BEST GIFT WAS? Yeah, I thought so... Alright so everyone pitched in and bought me this...

Yes, that is the Canon Rebel T3i!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled!!! I've already taken 129 pictures since yesterday afternoon.

Go here for more details on the camera.
So when I said everyone chipped in, I mean everyone. My grandma, parents, uncles, fiance, Lys... Everyone. I love love LOVE!

Thanks everyone for everything!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Number Four

**spoiler alert**

So I recently watched I Am Number Four. I liked it a lot. Good effects, good acting and an interesting storyline. I'm reading the book now and I like it even better, although Sarah and John kiss more in the book, driving me a bit crazy and many many things are different.

First there is Number Four aka: John (as he goes by the majority of the movie and so far most of the book). He is a Loric Garde aka: an Alien from Lorien with super abilities. He is being hunted by the Mogadorian's so that they can kill him before all of his Legacies show up (his powers are called Legacies).

Henri is a Loric Cepan (John's protector and pretty much normal with no super abilities). He was sent to earth to protect John until John's Legacies showed up. Once John's Legacies show up they are to join up with the other Loric and fight the Mogadorians to restore their planet.

Sam is John's best friend. He a alien fanatic and finds out that John is an alien when John has to ask Sam to help him save Henri when Henri is captured. He ends up helping John out quite a bit and encouraging him as John works on learning how to use his Legacies.

Sarah is John's girl friend. So far in the book she doesn't know John is an alien, but she does find out in the movie. I'm assuming she finds out in the book too. Sarah was a popular cheerleader in school and dated the popular football player, but broke up with him when she realized he was a bad influence on her. She is a photographer, but more so in the movie than in the book.

Number Six. She is really awesome in the movie with an amazing Aussie accent and wonderful control over her Legacies. I love her. She isn't in the book yet, but I hope she does soon!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A challenge.

We are having a photo challenge of sorts at December Roses. For more information go here. You don't have to link up, but we hope you will or that you'll at least like our photos.


Friday, June 10, 2011

A run down...

...of Lyssa's stay with us.

We picked her up, ran a few errands brought her home. Then we settled in and then went to Beenies guitar lesson and afterwards went to get pretzels. Did various chores.

Just did stuff around the house and were pretty lazy. That night we went to my uncle's surprise party. Did various chores.

Church and relaxing afterward. Did various chores

Wedding dress shopping. I tried some on at one place and just perused the other. Did various chores.

Lyssa should have gone home during our milk run but she switched at work and was able to stay until Thursday!!! Milk run and then we cooked dinner when we came home. Did various chores.

Got up and made biscuits, bacon and coffee for breakfast (yum), just had fun then when Beenie and Mom got back from her guitar lesson we went to the second bridal store and tried on some more dresses and Lys tried on a bridesmaid dress. Oh I told her that since the is the Maid of Honor and my only attendant that she could pick whatever dress she wanted as long as it was green (that way she'd like it and be able to afford it). And guess what?! She picked a really bridesmaid dress. It's beautiful by the way! She looked gorgeous! She's TALL AND SKINNY! Have I mentioned that?

**sob** we took her home. **sob sob sob** :(

I'm so used to her being here already. I miss her :( I'm used to our routine and everything.

I'm off to read, which is going to be lonely because we always express our opinions about characters or events loudly to each other! Ok, night...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go see!

December Roses is now open. Just in case you are planning on not going to look I'll tell you that we have pictures of me in wedding dresses up. This will probably be the ONLY time you'll see me in one of those torture devices. Yeah, so go look!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Waltons.

For as long as I can remember I've watched "The Waltons" on TV. It's one of my top favorite shows and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it!

Grandpa (Zeb) Walton is my favorite - when he is gone its just not the same...

I love his personality. He's so happy and sweet. :)

Grandma (Esther) Walton is one of my other favorites. She is so strong - She's just awesome!

John-Boy Walton is another favorite of mine. He has a gift with words and is a wonderful big brother! If i could have a big brother, he would be like John-Boy

Mary Ellen Walton is yet another favorite! She is so muh like me in a lot of ways. Strong willed, independent, active, sarcastic...I could go on!
I love all of the Waltons but those 4 are my top faves!
Ahh that looks wonderful!

                                      Aren't they adorable?!?!

Can I have this house please?

I'm done now. lol

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