Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue toenails, charm bracelets and more.

Here are the promised pictures:

Here are my toenails - please ignore the ugly feet :) Oh and yes, my pinkie toe does look like that. No it's not broken, nor has it ever been broken.
Doesn't the blue look so cute against the white/ivory? I particularly love that shade!

Here is that charm bracelet I got at an Antique store.

I love this charm!

This is the anklet I got for my birthday. The necklace is identical. Please ignore the cleanliness of the window sill. I haven't dusted it in about a week. 

Lyssa, this is where we moved the reading nook to in our room. When you walk in the room our beds are to the right. We rearranged it so it will look cleaner and you'll be able to fit better when you stay next time :)



  1. Awesome pictures! (: I always love to read your blog, its so fun! Feel free to come check out my blog anytime!


  2. I love your "something blue" !!! It looks awesome against the dress. Love it. What is your something borrowed?

  3. OhMyGosh!!! You have gorgeous feet! I know that sounds weird, but seriously:D And that bracelet is adorable<3

  4. Autumn:
    I think I'm going to borrow my mom's pearl earings to go with my "something old" which is a pearl neacklace.

    Hahahaha! Thanks. I always thought my feet were ugly - particularly the pinkie toe. :)


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