Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remember me??

Hello my fellow bloggers...
Long time no talk!
I know it's been a while since I've posted but I have a good reason... I've been working from 7:45am to 5pm and then on some days going straight from the camp job to Lifeway to work until close. Its been a crazy 2 weeks adjusting to my schedule but I'm getting used to it enough to do this post. lol

I've been taking a good amount of pictures when I have some free time - I've missed taking pictures so much!

Riah and I are probably going to see Hillsong United in concert in a couple of months! We are super excited about it - can't wait!!

Well, I'm going to end this choppy post for now and get some sleep! G'night all!
With love and yawns,
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  1. Sounds crazy! But I'm glad you are back!

  2. Good afternoon from Australia!

  3. Wow, it sounds you're at least as busy as I've been, if not more. Don't burn yourself out now, Lys!

  4. Thanks Jules!

    Autumn, I would LOVE to be in Australia right now! I was supposed to go there next month but the trip was cancelled. :(

    And Max, I'll do my best not to burn out :) - If I feel like I am getting too worn down I'll go get a couple of Java Monsters and keep on going! haha

  5. (I'm having trouble responding to comments on blogs under my own account.... so if I don't reply it's because blogger won't let me...)


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