Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do y'all think?

You guys are probably on post over load from me - plus most likely you are shocked that I have managed to post so much, seeing as how I've practically abandoned y'all for awhile! I am going to try and remedy that by giving myself things to post about...

Monday: Damsel's Daybook
Tuesday: A Peek At...
Wednesday: Randomness Wednesday
Thursday: Out Fit Of The Day
Friday: Photo Friday/Le Happy
Sat. & Sun.: I'll post if I can :)

I'll try this out for about 2 or so weeks and see how it goes! What do y'all think? I'll add a link if y'all want to link up one of the days... Would y'all be interested?
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A long day....

It's been a long day... Getting up, getting ready, going on a walk, cleaning, taking my first archery lesson, running errands...

Now I am getting ready to settle in with a book (Torrent), a cup of Chai tea, freshly washed hair and watching a re-run of Downton Abbey. Chai tea is going to become my new addiction, that or Vanilla Almond Milk, but I think it'll probably be Chai tea. And is there anything nicer then freshly washed hair?
- on a side note, the house smells like ginger bread! Yum!

As for details on the archery lesson... I learned how to string my bow. I have to un-string it every time I finish using it, so I learned to do all that. I learned how to anchor it, load the arrow (super easy), aim and shoot. At first I just practiced drawing without an arrow, just getting used to the feel of it. I then practiced drawing with the arrow, then shot. The first shot went rather well... I hit the target (not the bulls eye though) and managed not to hit my arm with the string. The second time I shot I missed and I still didn't hit my arm. The third time I missed and hit my arm but the arm guard protected me, the fourth time my guard slipped and I hit my arm... Boy did that hurt. I hit the same place the fifth time, I thought I had moved my guard to protect my arm properly, but apparently I hadn't. I now have a red, sore spot on my arm, but it only hurts now if I touch it. Lucky for me I was wearing long sleeves or it could have been worse! Tomorrow morning my uncle (who got me the bow, arrows, accessories and target and who taught me today) is taking me to the place where he got my bow and they're going to teach me too. I am also planning on buying more arrows while I'm there. He got me four and I'd like to have some more... I'm hoping to buy three more tomorrow while I'm there. I wish I could get maybe four or five more, but they cost $5 per arrow (yeah, not cheep). Still I'm excited!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Le Happy {Christmas}

I'm alive, so is Lys... We apologize for practically ignoring y'all!

And because I am starting to feel like posts shouldn't be photo-less if you can help it:
le happy christmas edition...
new boots
the pioneer woman cookbook
the hunger games trilogy
candy canes
candles lit
christmas trees
spicy scents
family pictures
knit jackets
vintage clothing
vintage jewelry
bow and arrows 
popcorn strung on a tree
spun glass ornaments 
children's smiles
milk and cookies!

I love doing le happy :) Thanks for starting it Jocee!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011 week is going to be the best!

So... this week I am shooting for Extreme Makeover Home Edition! It's so much fun and I'm only two days in!
First day. DEMOLITION!!

Observing the mess!

Clean-up crew :)

Thought this was a cool shot.

This is all I'm gonna post for now. All of the photos were from yesterday (12-12-11)
Oh.. one more thing...

Ty Pennington, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ty Pennington!!
 (I was about 3 feel away from him!!!!!)

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm still alive (Damsel's Daybook 7)

And very busy... I don't have time to go into everything I've been doing, so I decided to just do a Damsels Daybook today. I know it's a day early, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get to it tomorrow.

Outside my window... Cold. Yep, cold.

I'm thinking about... Everything I have to do. Finish Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, finish creating gifts, finish my letter to Amber (almost done), do three blog designs **hangs head in shame**, school work.

From the kitchen... leftover Chinese food - nummy!

I am creating... Christmas gifts.

I am reading... Under The Mistletoe, by I can't remember who.

I am hearing... music that is on TV.

I am hoping...  somehow magically everything I need to do gets done and that on my next school assignment I get a 10/10 mark which is a perfect mark. For my first assignment ever submitted I got a 9/10! I was sooooooo - am still - sooooo happy! 6/10 is average... I was expected a lower mark, I was so nervous that I had done something wrong.

I am planning... On sewing today.

I am wearing... pj's and glasses.

Around the house... comepletely needs to be cleaned.

My wish of the week... see hoping :)
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