Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday: The day after the storm.

So...yesterday (and today) we have had a blue, clear sky! (I didn't say "skies").
Okay, so we had a few little clouds...

Our back yard is usually covered in leaves...since it is all trees. But after the hard rain (and the tornado warning), there are many trails of just dirt. It looks like someone literally went and made little trails through our yard. It's neat! The above photo makes me smile. The water reflects the sun to where it looks like bunches of diamonds!

Now, this, this is very exciting. I took my camera outside when it got dark (obviously) and took this photo. NEVER before have I been able to get a picture of the stars that hasn't blurred!

This one is better because you can see more. Trust me, you can't see this many stars at our house with your naked eye; the lights from the city (even if it isn't that close) dim the look of the stars. After I took this photo and looked at it; I ran inside and flipped out as I showed my family. Then I uploaded it. I sharpened it, enhanced the color, darkened it... after all that, I could see more stars. I'd say that is cause for rejoicing!

Lemme tell ya! It has been windy. If you have never been around trees when it is windy, you should! It sounds like waves crashing in the ocean. It has to be my top favorite sound in the world! (Not that I've heard every sound in the world...but ya know what I mean. :) ) The wind through the trees...not the waves in the ocean...but if they sound the same then I guess it doesn't matter.

I am going to go get ready to go to the barn now. I leave in a half an hour. I am takin' my little "point-and-shoot" camera with me. Hopefully tonight I will post some of the pictures.

Always pointing out the obvious,

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