Sunday, January 10, 2010

A hay day. A day of hay. Just a bunch of hay.

At the barn I go to there are close to 20 horses. Horses need hay. Multiple times a year we get an 18-wheeler full of hay that we have to unload up into the hay loft. It is hard work.
There are roughly 600 bales. It's a good thing we have a hay elevator for such tasks.
Today was the day for hay. haha.
We had 12 or 13 people altogether helping out, so it was much easier than it usually is. It only took us an hour and 45 minutes! Woot woot! We beat our record! I don't know what our old record was...but it was lots longer than that!
While unloading the truck...I fell. Hard. Ouch. (If you have never been in the huge 18-wheeler trailer... I will tell you... the floor is slippery. It's that way because of how much it is used.)
What happened was that I was helping at the front of the truck where the elevator was. I had been facing away from where my daddy was moving the hay to the front. I turned around to go back to help, but didn't see the hay bale that he had just slid across the floor. (With the floor so slick you can just push the bales and they slide! Looks fun!). I saw it just as I started to fall. "Dang it!" I thought just before I hit the floor. I, thankfully, had enough time to move my head some so that I wouldn't hit my nose. I was in for a face-plant. Oh yeah! I know how to have fun! (I had nose surgery about a year and a half ago to fix an old break I didn't know had that is why I'm very protective of it. :D)
I don't remember my parents hurrying over to see if I was okay. I just remember holding my hand to my forehead going, "Great, just great! This is just what I wanted to happen...NOT!"
It hurt. Pretty bad. At least the pain didn't last! After that, by orders of Mom, I had to sit out while everyone else did the last 15-20 minutes of the work. "Bummer..."
So as I sat I held an ice-cold water bottle to my head and watched while everyone worked. Soon, I had a good sized goose-egg on my forehead. (Still do, but not as big). My daddy thought it was his fault and felt pretty bad about it, but it was an accident... it's all good! I'm fine! YAY!
That was the adventure of my day! Everyone else then did the rest of the regular chores, and then it was off to dinner!
Now it is off to get some sleep!
Lotsa love,

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