Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Rain. Sunday Shine.

This is a rainbow that showed up today after a heavy rain fall. It was still sprinkling from an almost non-existent cloud.


Air plane. Obviously.

Same plane (obviously) going into a cloud.

My back deck. The water reflections are my favorite!

Same water reflection on the same back deck.

The oh-so-famous-back-deck with a leaf mark.

Water drops on one of our outside chairs. I love how it reflects the sun and trees.

Water pictures are one of my top favorites. Then there's bokeh...don't even get me started on bokeh. It is amazing!

Water. Oh how I love thee. Thou are so photogenic.

Water. Photoshop-like-thing. Oh how I love thee. Thou make me want to sing.
(Can you see the difference between the two above photos?)

Captain Obvious

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