Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday afternoon my oldest (and only) sister, Bee, volunteered to be the one I practice my photography on. The sun was in the perfect spot to give the perfect lighting. It was warm outside for the first time since early fall. It was just all-together a beautiful day for a photo shoot!
I took upwards of 300 photos of Bee. Yep, 300!
Out of all of the great photos I got of her...this one stood out to me...
It spoke.
It screamed..."This is a picture to remember! THIS is a picture to be printed out and shown to everyone we know!"
This picture is one I will keep forever.

It shows just that one moment of surprise.
Of sheer panic.
If only I had a picture of myself as I laughed hysterically. Tears were pouring from my eyes as I laughed. I was blessed to be able to capture a photo of Bee looking absolutely and totally...in panic.
Why, you may ask, was she panicked?
I will tell you.
There was a spider.
The end.
(Love ya, Bee!)


  1. I love it - Is Bee loving you right now? If it's any consolation to her I think if we could catch a picture of Bree when she sees a spider, I'm sure she'd look just like that. As it is, I think all we'd ever get was a blur as she ran from where ever she was.

  2. Ahahaha! That is excellent! I had let out a delightful shriek when I discovered a stink bug (You know they can FLY?!) on the washer as I tried to pass through the laundry room. I feel for Bee. Lys, 300 photos is a LOT. O.O

  3. Once again....I shouldn't brush my teeth as I read these comments.
    Well...She sorta is. She hasn't complained! That could be a good sign! Maybe... lol.I would absolutely love it if we could see Bree is a state of panic...capture it for everyone to see. It would be just as fun...maybe better! :) haha!

    OHH STINK BUGS ARE HORRIBLE!If I never saw one again it would be too soon.
    We have nasty green ones in our wood pile. Can we say 'gross'?! I think so!

  4. Lol, that looks just like Bree - only older! :) Was she thrilled with you posting that one Lys?


  5. Hahaha! Bee actually didn't seem to mind me posting it...but ya never know with her! lol
    Love ya Ri!


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