Sunday, January 31, 2010

White world.

There is just something about the way snow looks when it falls. It silently drifts down, landing gently onto the cold ground. There is something about the way it looks when it is settled like a blanket over the land. When the sun hits the snow, it makes it look like a million little diamonds reflecting the light.
You know what's amazing? God made each snow flake different. No snow flake is alike. I guess that is kind of like us.... we are all unique.
Imagine: God created everything... that means He designed every single snow flake. Every little detail that you can't see without a microscope... It's amazing to think about!
When the world goes white (not all at once, of course) it is so peaceful... so cozy (as long as you are inside).
Now, I am going to go watch a movie with my family in front of the fire place. Yes, there is a fire going.

Enjoying the snow even though I didn't really want it at first,

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