Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just FOUR - And No More!!!

Hey everyone!  It's Riah.  I didn't have much to do this morning on account of doing extra school yesterday, so I thought I'd blog (hope it's ok with you Lys).
Yesterday while Daddy took Beenie to her guitar lessons and Bree and Kay to the library, I made half a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough for Momma, T. Lynn and I to eat.  While mixing this batch up I asked T. Lynn if I could bake a few for a friend that is coming over today.  She replied with a staunch "No".
"But he would really like cookies T. Lynn," I coxed. "Can't he have just a few?"
"No, it's my cookie dough."
"But it would be nice to let him have some, Baby."
"Ok, but just four!!"
"Four?! Can't he have some more?"
"No, its MY cookie dough!"
Now please bare in mind that we are still mixing cookie dough through all this.  I was also texting the guy who's amount of cookies were in question.  So T. Lynn says, "Tell him he gets four cookies!"
"I'm not telling him that." I was hoping to convince her that it would be nice to give him more.
"Fine, I'll tell him." She promtly picks up my cell phone and opens the slider.
"Oh no you don't.  Put it down."
"But I wanna tell him he gets four cookies."
"But we might give him more."
"Nah - ah, he gets four."
Here I will mention that I was done mixing cookie dough and had started to pull out a pan to bake a few.
"If I let you use my phone can he have more?" She loves to text little words on my slider, it makes her day.
So I let her put in that she said he could have some cookies.
Well, I did finally convince her that he could have more, but it didn't really turn out the way I expected. Why's that?  Because once I was done helping her text, she looked me in the eye and said very seriously "Fine. He can have five."  I sighed and gave up!


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  1. hahah! You told me about that on the phone yesterday, but it's still funny!
    Oh T. Lynn...whatever are we going to do with you?! (Take our word for it...she's adorable!)


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