Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pronto: That means now.

Here are the snow pictures I took today. I didn't get a lot since it was so darn cold, but here are some of them!
This is not how much snow we got.

I thought this looked cool. Everything was beginning to freeze. The snow was getting really hard!

Frozen tree branch.

Recognize this? It is the same railing from the last photo in: Randomness Wednesday! post. Only in this one there weren't only "ice crystals," there were, at least two, inches and snow....with some sleet and ice... Although, you probably figured that out by yourself. But, you know me, always pointing out the obvious.

More icy snow.

This was tonight. My dear sweet puppies (not really puppies anymore) enjoy the snow. They left their cute paw prints you can tell. **cough** captain obvious **cough**
Did you hear that?

Ah! The lovely snow. I didn't want snow. But now that it's here I am glad we got it! :)

Oh. You are probably wondering why a named this post "Pronto: that means now." has nothing, whatsoever, to do with this post. Bee always says that, and I think it's funny. That's the only reason.

Much love from the Captain Obvious,

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