Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Randomness Wednesday!

I don't have much on my mind. I have been reading "A Hope Beyond" book two in the "Ribbons of Steel" series by Tracie Peterson and Judith Pella. I just put it down a minute ago to do this post before I have to go to sleep. :-)
So, here is what/who I am thinking about:
  • The book
  • Carolina
  • James
  • Victoria
  • Virgina
  • What's goin' to happen next?!
  • My sister

Time to explain. (Not in too much detail...wouldn't wanna ruin the book for anyone..)

  • The book: I'm reading it...need I say more?
  • Carolina: She is the main character, mostly, for this story. She just made a very HUGE decision...
  • James: He is just awesome! If he was a real person...I would want to meet him.
  • Victoria: A cute little girl! She is about to receive some bad(ish) news... she is only five years old.
  • Virgina: Oh goodness! This woman is impossible! I won't say anymore about her!
  • What's goin' to happen next?!: I can't wait to pick up the book again and find about what Carolina is going to do! What is James planning next? How will Victoria take the news? Will Virgina ever change? Will what they had hoped for ever happen??? I WANNA KNOW!!! haha.
  • My sister: Her 21st birthday is on Friday! YAY!

Tomorrow I will try to blog again. Maybe I'll post more pictures! Until then it is goodnight!

Wondering (impatiently, I might add) about what's next,

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