Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Randomness Wednesday!

I have a lot on my mind. Random stuff and regular stuff.

Stuff like: Its windy and a bit too cold for my liking today.
I don't like the smell of cleaner. It makes me sneeze if it's too strong.
My hands are finally getting smooth again after the normal winter dry spell they go through.
I should put some socks on...
Friday is going to be great! I hope... I have another meeting with the same photography place I had met with last time. And then I am meeting Bee, my "adopted" grandma, and her daughter again at Starbucks. I love all three of them!
I really like coffee. It is special when I get to drink it because I don't usually get it that often. But now I do...
Our snow was almost totally gone the day after we got it. All five inches melted so fast. We only have a couple of small patches of it by the front of our house now.
Josh McBride. He is character in a book I'm reading. I am wanting to read right now... so I should make this quick...
Juliana Brady. Another character in the same book. She is Josh's soon-to-be-fiance!
Stuff like that.
**pausing while I totally rock out to Hillsong United.** **not really** **but sorta** **I'll stop now** **sorry**

Happy Randomness Wednesday from me to you,

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