Sunday, December 13, 2009

A mess beyond your wildest dreams!

Today I cleaned my closet!
Need I say more?
I don't like to have a messy closet...or room for that matter. It bugs me. Sometimes you can't help it when things look like a tornado hit it though!
It took me most of the afternoon to clean out my tiny, almost non-existent closet. Of course, I had breaks for dinner, building a fire, and helping my parentals, but it still took a while!
I talked to Riah for a good amount of time while I cleaned. We had a great conversation, and honestly, I don't think I could tell you one specific topic we talked about. We talked about everything! Not really everything. Just a bunch of stuff. It would probably make your ears ring if I told you everything we said. I am not a big talker, but when Riah and I talk it's like an FM radio you can't turn off! HAHA! jk. Ignore the rambling that just happened.
Anyways, back to the story.
(I listened to music too.)
NOW back to the story!
I took pictures of my room. My closet took over my room today. I didn't have much walking space. Today my room turned into a walk-in closet. I thought about posting the pictures on here so you could see the mess beyond your wildest dreams, but I thought it might frighten you. (and I didn't feel like uploading them from my camera tonight.... I never said that. hehe)
Now my room is, in fact, my room again. Not a walk-in closet. I found an enormous amount a socks I had been missing. Hallelujah!
I found some clothes to give away. I found a little plug-in-analog-tv that my grandma (or "grandmommy" as she likes to be called) gave me a few years ago. It doesn't work...since it is analog...
I found a bunch of receipts, a few pencils, socks that are Bee's.... just a bunch of stuff.
I shan't continue! **dramatically putting hand to head and closing eyes**
I will leave it at this: it was a mess beyond your wildest dreams, and I hope I will never encounter it again!
Much love and knee slappin' laughs,

(ps. I don't think I did a Randomness Wednesday this week! SORRY! I have been busy!)

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