Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Camp. Cold. Kids.

Monday morning was COLD! The picture below shows what the car windows looked like at 8:20-ish in the morning.

Ice. Cold. Blocking view. Mom about to scrape it. Me snapping this photo quickly.

All of the campers we had on Monday morning!
...and Goose. (the white dog to the left). He had to be apart of all of the lessons! His goal in life is to learn how to ride a horse without thumbs, and be a human... We try not to discourage him. We want him to dream big!
Six of eleven campers, Mrs. Jill, and me! It was after lunch so everyone was fueled up and ready to ride! It was a great day!My shadow (and RC's) says hello! It looks odd, but cool at the same time!
Billy Goat and Two Toes (he is the rooster...he only has 2 toes on one foot...) warming themselves in the sun! They look like best friends!
(Note: Billy Goat is NOT a girl... which means he's not pregnant. He has a weird stomach thing that he was born with... plus he's a little fat!)

Camp was fun! I helped Monday and Tuesday! Today I went to see my Grandma (or "Grandmommy" as she likes to be called). We had our Christmas with her! It was one of the best visits we've had with her! Now I am ready to go to sleep. These past three days have been extremely busy.
Consider this to be the Randomness Wednesday!
(Please note: the date this post is showing is wrong. You probably know that... I had started to post last night but didn't finish. So for some reason it is showing that it is the 22nd since it was saved as a draft...)

Much love and knee-slappin' laughs,

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