Monday, July 25, 2011

Macro and Damsel's Daybook

I decided to join in both Autumn's Daybook and Lisa's Macro Monday!

Here is my Macro picture:

And here is my Damsel's Daybook!

Outside my window... It's storming. Thunder, lightening, rain. Fun fun. But maybe it will help cool down this heat wave!

I'm thinking about... Taking pictures after it quits raining, sewing and cupcakes. I blame Jocee! ;)

From the kitchen... not much.

I am creating... Lyssa's skirt - I haven't been brave enough to pick it back up since I tangled with that needle. And I just found out I have to restart my secret project! Grrrr!

I am reading... Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

I am hearing... Momma in the sewing room, siblings chatting, the tv and thunder.

I am hoping... That I'll be able to go out later this week in my bathing suit and get drenched in water. I'm so sick of the heat and if it's going to be that hot I'm going to use the water hose to cool down.

I am planning... On watching Downton Abbey, Monarch of the Glen, Doctor Who or Bleak House tonight. Hopefully Downton Abbey.

I am wearing... Blue jean skirt, cream cami, an over sized purple shirt tied at the waist, my engagement ring, a "I<3U" silly band T. Lynn gave me, an anklet and a heart with a key necklace.

Around the house... Nail polish and laundry.

My wish of the week... That I'll be able to catch up with my project. I'm not sure I'll have it done when I want it to be... Ugh!

Thats it!

~ Riah


  1. Such a lovely flower. I particularly like the color! Well Done!!! Cathy

  2. I love your idea of coling down. You are one busy girl.
    Thanks for doing ADD

  3. what a precious blog...i am genie and it is so nice to meet you. your capture of the lavender flower is an awesome one, and your journal entry is one to which I can really relate. this is a fab post. i love everything about it. genie

  4. Cathy: Thank you so much. I took the picture at a farm we go to. The flowers were so interesting!

    Autumn: Well, we don't have a pool and I can't swim, so my version will just have to work ;)

    Genie: It's nice to mee you too! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And thank you for the compliments. I try to post interesting and relatable things and I like the picture a bit too :)

  5. What secret project? Do I know about it? You hafta tell me asap!
    Love you!
    P.S. Blogger still wont let me comment as me - no matter how many times I sign out and back in - GRR!


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