Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"A Very Happy Unbirthday To You"

Except it isn't an unbirthday, its a birthday... IT'S LYSSA'S BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday my dear Lys! She is 19 91 today! Yup, she is oooold!

Ok so (as is becoming my habit) I'm going to post some facts about Lys.

1. She is a great writer!

2. She is an amazing photgrapher!

3. She LOVES Deeanne Gist books.

4. She introduces me to new things I'm going to become obsessed with and wont be able to afford.

5. When I say "guess what" she always has an answer that she knows that if she uses it enough she'll one day be right. Like used to I'd say "guess what" and she'd say "Superman proposed?" and I'd say "No! Its (fill in the blank)". Well, she was right eventually. Her new one is "you set a date?". Yeah, that one is still a "no" Lys.

6. She's still tall AND skinny and it's still unfair! (read her last birthday post)

7. She likes vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing.

9. She has a stack of books at home that comes to her hip. If she doesn't get a book case soon I'm holding an intervention and getting her a empty library. Who is with me?

10. SHE IS THE BESTEST EVER! My A in M. A. Lemonade, my twin ripped mercilessly from me as a baby, my bfbb, my sweetest best friend, my Lyssa!

Happy Birthday Lys!

Oh and Jocee, I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Hope today is much better! Here are some cupcakes for ya to enjoy!

And another birthday "cake" for Lys!
(note I only took the first picture)


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