Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh... boredom reigns supreme!

Ok, so I'm not exactly bored and I could do something - oh I don't know - constructive... but quite honestly I don't want to vacuum my room or learn how to do french knots (again, I cannot tie those stupid knots for the life of me). I do promise to eventually put batteries in my camera and take pictures of my room (once its vacuumed that is). I am actually doing something right now... sorta. I'm hanging out in Kay's room, listening to Pandora and chatting with Bree and Kay while Bree does school and Kay is eating ham I keep sneaking off her plate.

So what am I going to post besides randomness? I'm gonna do a daybook thingy... Yeah, see I was getting to it.

Starting time: 1:24pm

I am wearing: a denim skirt, white cap sleeved hoddie with a pink cami layered under it, glasses and engagement ring.

I am reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Sinner by Ted Dekker.

I am listening to: Bree complaining about not being able to Squire in the dictionary (I just found it), the fan going and A Million Miles by Carlos Bertonatti.

Looking forward to: seeing Lys this weekend!

Outside my window: trees dancing in the wind, soft blue skies... generally good weather.

I love: lazy days, sitting on the sofa cuddling with Superman, Ted Dekker books, playing Knock Out with the people at church (I'd say children, but its a mix of children and teens and young adults and so on) and reading in my reading nook.

I hate: headaches (I've been having them recently), not finishing a book when I think I should and when I put a certain type of song in Pandora and getting rap or Miley Cyrus.

The song running through my head: Speak Now by Taylor Swift (because I just heard it - I don't really like the song - maybe it's because I'd be seriously ticked if some woman crashed my wedding just because she had a crush on my husband-to-be).

What I watched last: Holmes on Homes. Dad turned it on last night and I didn't really watch.. I played a math game on his phone.

Mood: happy!

I am thinking: that I need to mow this week.

I am hoping: that I'll catch up on reading Jane Eyre.

Yesterday I: went to church, played Knock Out, read, hung out with Superman and chatted with Lyssa.

Ending time: 1:50pm

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