Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh so busy!

Easter and guitar lessons and birthdays and dinners and baking and room cleaning and gift wrapping! Oh and piano! AGH!

So for more of an explination:

Lys is coming over tomorrow to spend Saturday, Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday with us (we'll be bringing her home Tuesday afternoon). In preperation for that I need to tidy my room and scrub the bathroom (which - honestly - was going to be scrubbed anyway). We are celebrating her birthday, so she is getting cupcakes and I need to wrap her gift.

Easter is Sunday and we're having Easter dinner with my Nana and Pawpaw on Saturday (they're busy Sun.). We are also going to be baking Easter treats for the girls - cookies, cream cheese mints shaped like eggs, and rice crispy treats shaped like eggs.

Beenie takes two guitar lessons on Friday now, morning and evening. I've been going with her to sit with her so Mom can run errends.

And onto piano... I found music to His Glory Appears by Hillsong and have been attempting to learn to play it. It's five pages, but thankfully its a fairly simple tune. So far I have learned the first page RH (right hand) and part of the first page LH (left hand). I can also play the last page RH. I like the last part the best, the melody is beautiful. I also have music for You Hold Me Now by Hillsong, only it's nine pages and I haven't begun learning it yet, I think I'll focus on His Glory Appears. Oh, and I'm thinking about taking Guitar lessons. I wanted to take Piano, but I wont have a piano when I get married, so I'd rather take guitar. Plus I know enough piano that I don't have to take lessons to play when I want.

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  1. Guitar would be a lot of fun, I think. It is the next instrument I want to learn! First I need to find a guitar... :)

    You sound pretty busy! Cream Cheese mints! Fun fun!

    Happy Easter!


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