Thursday, April 28, 2011

I promise

that I will eventually get around to posting pictures of my room. I can't this weekend, or at least I don't think I can. Tomorrow I'm running errends with Momma and going with Beenie to her guitar lessons (I love going with her to her lessons, I love hearing guitar playing and trying to make sense of what her tutor is telling her - which she understands, of course). I believe my fiancé (I have the hardest time with the whole "fiancé" thing... a woman who is engaged is a "fiancée", a guy who is engaged is a "fiancé" - ugh french is soooo hard, half the time I put the accent over the wrong e or use the wrong spelling) is coming over both Saturday and Sunday, so I most likely wont be getting on the computer much. Perhaps next week, although I'll be trying to finish up three blog designs then.

Now onto something random that has nothing to do with this post. Here are some of the pictures I took with Lyssa's Nikon D90 while she was over here (isn't she so sweet letting me use her beloved camera? Yeah, I thought so too).

this and the above photo are the same - just edited differently

This is a favorite, I love the clarity and sharpness, but I like the dandy lion photo for the same reasons.

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