Friday, October 7, 2011

Picture Day

I got a fun idea from Bleah @ Where Love Abounds to take a picture every hour... almost like a journal. I actually took the pictures last Thursday, but hadn't uploaded and edited the until late this week. So here it goes.

8:30am: Wake up, shower and follow my normal routine. See that purple "Herbal Essences" hairspray bottle? Well guess what I did the other day? I had opened it because it wouldn't spray and when I turned around to pick up something I had dropped I accidentally knocked the bottle into the sink and dumped the entire contents down the drain - it was almost full! I had to buy some more, but the store I went to didn't have that kind, so I had to get a different kind. 

9:30am: I made breakfast for us, Cinnamon Muffins.

10:00am: Eat breakfast... See that cute fairy cup in the back? That is T. Lynn's coffee cup! She is a coffee-aholic! 

11:00am:  Devotions.

12:00pm: Playing Mario with Kay after cleaning the main areas. Bree, Beenie, and T. Lynn were doing school.

1:00pm: Lunch is done and we finally got the girls and Marmee to come eat it. Sometimes I wonder why Kay and I bother cooking?

2:00pm: This is a skirt I am working on for Beenie. Just a plain gored, blue jean skirt. These are super simple to make.

3:00pm: Reading, texting, emailing, reading blogs, drinking tea, charging my iPod, listening to music... All sorts of stuff... Oh and buying music... hence my brown wallet.

4:00pm: Clean my room... and I only sorta made my bed for the picture so Mom wouldn't fuss (although she still might). I don't normally make my bed. Why should I? I'm getting back in it in a few hours anyway, plus I don't have a chair in my room, so where else am I going to sit? I don't want to make a bed then sit on it! Yes, I'll admit, I'm lazy about beds.

5:00pm: I walked up to a neighbor's house quite a bit away (so not really a neighbor) to take pictures of these mushrooms. I've never met the man before... so it was a little weird asking him. He laughed at me a bit, but then gave me permission to take as many pictures as I liked. I think he thought I was weird. Bree walked with me, but refused to walk up to the door with me. I think she was embarrassed :)

6:00pm: Dinner time! I can't remember what we had, durn. 

7:00pm: Wash dishes. By the time I took this picture we had already washed all the dishes and had put almost all of them away. See our lovely, disassembled coffee maker? I adore that machine :)

And that's it. After that I probably watched t.v, read or got on the computer. Not sure which. And look how structured my day seemed! Well guess what? It's not. I did bunches of stuff between those pictures... And that was a school day, which is more structured then the weekend for us anyway. 

So that was my day! Join in a do the same if you wish!
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p.s. I wrote this last night! When you are reading this I am out running errands. Unless of course, you read it later, in which case I'm not.


  1. You're right - I am going to fuss. You could have at least made it look neat for a picture!! And I know you're going to get back in it; we all get back in our beds. They should still be made - it makes the room look so much nicer. !!!

  2. love the pictures! as well as your gorgeous design (: I'm following <3

  3. About the bed.... I really make mine once a week. The rest of the time I just throw the covers back into place, if I feel like it. You know they can just be pulled over so easily... :)
    You have DOCTOR WHO on your laptop-desk top!!
    yeah that was the first thing I noticed on the first scroll down. =D
    The salt and pepper shakers are super cute and I just love your mug!
    Too funny about the hairspray. I have the green one (not that I've used it yet)from Herbal Essence.

  4. Mom: See I knew you'd fuss! It's a good thing my room is upstairs and you rarely go up there!

    Katie: Thanks for the many compliments and thanks for following!

    Amber: Thank you for agree with me about the bed making!
    Yes I do have Doctor Who on my laptop-desktop! I'm past that Doctor now, but I still love him and Rose so much that I pick the wallpaper's with them!
    I like the Salt and Pepper shakers too!!! They are way cute, but since they are small they run out quickly.
    I need to be more careful with my hair spray, but this time I bought a can that I couldn't open!


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