Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "huh?" post

I can't think of anything to post... Maybe I should do a Le Happy post, even though Jocee isn't?
Maybe I should do a day book?
Maybe I should just ignore the need to post and go read... or better yet, do school or edit photos or clean my room, or or or...
Ugh, what to post, what to post? I have not had an adventurous day, school isn't interesting enough for most people to be worth a post (although I'm liking it). I've watched every episode of Merlin and Doctor Who on Netflix and now I have to wait until the newest seasons are over so they'll put them on Netflix. Covert Affairs doesn't come on till next month and White Collar doesn't come on til January :(
I'll just do a post on one of my favorite tv shows. Um, which one, which one?? Merlin! If you haven't watched Merlin and are planning too, you may not want to read the following as it may contain spoilers, also, if you have watched Merlin, but haven't watched every episode up until season four, it may also contain spoilers. I'll try my best not to ruin anything for anyone though. All of the quotes are from season one, so if you've seen season one the quotes are safe for you to read.
"In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name... Merlin."
BBC's Merlin is about a young Merlin who is just learning his powers. Arthur is already prince (no sword from the stone needed) and he is also rather big headed. Merlin and he don't really hit it off, in fact Merlin really doesn't like him, but finds out (from an old, wise "person"- I'm not saying who this is. In the words of River Song **spoilers**) that it is his destiny to be friends with and to help Arthur once Arthur becomes king. The story follows the escapades that Arthur and Merlin (as Arthur's man servant) get into.

Merlin: wizard-in-training, Arthur's servant and best friend (although neither will admit it) and the main character.
Arthur: Merlin!
Merlin: What is it?
Arthur: I don't know. We'll surround it. I want you, to go in there, flush it out.
Merlin: You want me to go in there? You just said that you don't know what it is, it could be dangerous.
Arthur: Let's hope so. Go!
Arthur: Crown prince of Camelot, a royal pain and Merlin's best friend (sorta). He doesn't look like that normally :)
Merlin: (helping Arthur dress) When was the last time these were cleaned?
Arthur: Last year, sometime. Before the feast of Beltane.
Merlin: Did it end in a food fight?
Arthur: Don't all feasts?
Gwen: Morgana's servant, Arthur's true love and as loyal as she can be if you prove yourself worth it. Isn't she lovely?
Merlin: You know what? I think our Sir Lancelot might have eyes for you, Gwen.
Gwen: Don't be silly.
Merlin: So what if he did? Would is really be so bad?
Gwen: He's not really my type.
Merlin: Oh, there's a surprise. Sometimes, Guinevere, I wonder if you'd know what your type was if it was standing right next to you.
Gwen: You're probably right.
Merlin: So, come on, just for the sake of argument. If you had to: Arthur or Lancelot.
Gwen: But I don't have to and I never will.
Merlin: You're no fun Gwen.
Morgana: The king's ward and (in the beginning) Gwen's best friend. I can't tell y'all anymore, for fear of spoiling something. I will say that despite everything, she is my favorite character. I just love her.
Morgana: I wouldn't see an innocent child executed. What harm has he ever done anyone?
Merlin: Uther believes he has magic and that makes him guilty.
Morgana: Uther's wrong.
Merlin: You believe that?
Morgana: What if... magic isn't something you choose? What if it chooses you? (Merlin looks at her) Why are you looking at me like that?
Gaius: Court physician, Merlin's teacher/mentor, like a father to Merlin. I like Gaius too!
Merlin: I just knew, you know part of my powers.
Gaius: What else do your powers tell you?
Merlin: That... I am only one side of a coin. The brighter side, obviously!
Gaius: And who's the other side?
Merlin: I think that might be Arthur.
King Uther: King of Camelot, Arthur's father, horrible ruler.
Morgana: So he was paid, he is a blacksmith, he could have been shoeing Tauren's horse.
Uther: In gold?
Morgana: This is madness. You condemn a man with no proof.
Uther: I have enough proof.
Morgana: Arthur, have you nothing to say?
Auther: Father the blacksmith committed a crime, but we don't know for sure he meant treason.
Uther: No you're right, nothing's certain. The law stands or this kingdom falls.
Morgana: Well we must give him a fair trial.
Uther: He'll get a fair trial and be found guilty because that is what he is.
Morgana: Execute Gwen's father and I will never forgive you. Never!
That's most of the main character's in the first season. Other main-ish characters join in later, but I'm trying not to post any spoilers. 

Much Love,
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  1. Oh my gosh! You love Morgana too!!! I havn't finished season 3 but am thinking I should. Sooo happy :D


  2. Yeah, no matter what she does (and she's done horrible things) I still like her! I've watched all of season three and it's great. I'm waiting for season four!

  3. Great TV shows, Riah! I LOVE "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs," and although "Merlin" is sometimes "silly," it is a lot of fun. =)

  4. I just wish Covert Affairs and White Collar would come back on!

  5. "In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name... Merlin."
    That is an awesome beginning! This is exactly where I knew I could settle in for a great new series.
    I love Merlin... next to Doctor Who. ;)
    I can't say for sure if I have a favorite character in this season but if I was forced to choose it'd be Merlin. That is because there are so many sides to him. Can never tell just how his own actions are going to affect him or/and the kingdom.

  6. Amber: Isn't that just an amazing opening sentence?! I love it! I just had to quote it ;)
    I love Merlin too! He's funny, witty and has interesting character traits.. plus one decision from him and the whole course of Camelot's future is re-written!

  7. i don't watch this show...yet. i've been meaning to get around to it...but i haven't. oops.
    and OF COURSE you can do a le happy post! you don't even have to ask :))
    -jocee <3


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