Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A sneak peek...

I thought I'd do a "series" sort of thing. A series of posts called "A peek into my..." and picking a subject. Like "A peek into my closet" or "A peek into my hope chest" and so on. What do you think?
I believe I'll start with "A peek into my make-up box". Just a note, this idea was very random and I haven't taken any pictures so I'll have to look up pictures, sorry. Next time I'll take my own photos.

Ok, all of the make up products below are my current favorites and are sure to change when they discontinue what I'm using (they've done that to me twice already) or the store is out of what I usually wear and I'm forced to find something else.

One of my favorites is: Cover Girl Invisible Concealer.
I only put it on the worst acne spots. It's not too heavy and doesn't show through my foundation, which is awesome! I also put it beneath my eyes when my dark circles are really bad that day and it doesn't look discolored. I do warn you, get it a shade lighter than your skin shade, because it can be a bit dark.

Maybelline Mineral Power: Powder Foundation
I love this. You do have to be careful putting it on, because it can go on heavy. I have perfected it though, so it's no problem for me.
Merle Norman eyeshadow

My favorite eyeshadow ever! It doesn't go on too heavy and they have beautiful shades. My favorite is currently Mink, but I have Champagne and Sugar Plum too. I wish I had more, but I have just the three (they are really expensive - at least for my wallet). I think next time I buy some I'll get Ice and Cocoa.

Almay Intense i-color eyeliner
I have both Topaz and Raisin Quartz because my eyes can look either blue or green, depending on how they feel that day. I like to be prepared. Interesting bit of trivia - Lys wears the same eyeliner (Raisin Quartz, because of her beautiful green eyes).
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
Ok, so when I first got this I was just looking for good mascara. I used to use a different kind that was discontinued and I had been looking for a replacement ever since. I randomly picked this one (after having been seriously tick at my previous masacra) and bought it. I tried it on the next day for church and realized it vibrated (can you tell I didn't pay much attention?). I love this stuff. At first I was afraid the vibrating would make the mascara go everywhere, but after holding the brush down over the sink and pressing the button for awhile and nothing sprayed everywhere, I was fairly confident that it wouldnt get all over me! This is the best mascara, I really hope that they don't discontinue it. One thing though - I may try Lyssa's mascara one time, her's looks awesome.

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder: Brighten
I had some great Blush that Bee (Lyssa's sis Bee, not to be confused with my sis Bree) gave me, but I ran out and had to go to the store for more (the kind Bee used was ordered online and a bit expensive). I looked all over for some similar and couldn't find any blush like it, but this Finishing Powder was close. Instead of just putting it on my cheeks though, I put a light dusting all over my face. I may try the bronze-ish one in the summer when I have a tan, but this works fine for now.

Hope you like this peek!



  1. *sigh* Isn't makeup fun? I only wear it on Sundays to church or for special occasions, but it's only because I have a debate with myself that's called "will I want to take this off or not?" and if I don't want to take it off, I don't wear it. Haha, great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. So my mascara ALWAYS clumps and i hate it. cant figure a way to stop that..but now ill look online to figure that out... does it not mess your eyelashes up? Also.. Anymore I barely wear makeup -except for when I feel like wearing makeup - but now it's a choice. Get up at 6:45 or sleep til 7. Sleeping is typically the option. lol :)

  3. What a fun series idea! And I love that you have neutral eye colors...I'm the same way! It's just so much more natural than say, purple, or green! I personally use all browns as well :D
    And goodness, finding the perfect mascara is a tad bit difficult. I randomly picked one off the shelf a few weeks ago, and it's crazy! It makes THE biggest mess, which is a little ridiculous, considering how expensive it was :P Maybe I'll have to try yours though! :D
    And hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :D Yours is so lovely :)
    ~Lauren :D


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