Monday, January 28, 2013

Just a look!

So when I was 18 I wrote this post >>>  It was a peek into my makeup box. Well I'm gonna do something similar again. Go over my favorite makeup, body products and looks. Fashion and so on.

Amazing tummy lotion by Mama Mio! I'm in love with this stuff. But it's pretty expensive. I also love thier Boob Tube and Lucky Legs lotions. I know they sound odd, but they are amazing!
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Frosted
I fianlly got up the courage to dye my hair - subtle red peek-a-boos. Yeah they are subtle alright, you can't really see them :) Oh well maybe next time (not a picture of me btw).
I love the look of coats like these
Much more likely to be caught wearing on of these!
I pretty much wear my eye makeup like this. Minus the heavy black under the eyes and the dark shadowing above. Too much work :) Just the peach and white part.
I still use the color stay mineral powder. In fact, I think I may still have the same container of it I had two years ago!
I'm still using the same type of concealer as well. They still make it and I see no reason to go hunt down another concealer that works well and make it match my skin. I'm happy with what I have.
I have changed my mascara, eyeliner and foundation, along with eyeshadow. The fondation I use is the dream nude airfoam foundation by maybelline, although I'm thinking of changing when I run out. I love the look it gives, so soft and airy, but I'm not a fan of how hard it can be to blend it. I would love to have one that is more easily blended since my bathroom lighting is not the best and I can't always see very well. The mascara changes practically everytime I buy it. Mostly because I have never found one I just love and because I just usually buy whatever is on sale. My eye shadow changed because I got kinda lazy about it and it's easier to go with simple peach and white then to worry about shadowing and highlighting everything. And as for eyeliner, I wear liquid black liner on top and a brown pencil liner on the bottom. Black is too harsh for me all over.
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