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July 18th 2012
It’s gray and dreary right now. The skies have just let lose what is promising to be quite a severe storm. I am sitting on the sofa drinking chai tea, thankful to have just finished a few thank you notes for belated wedding gifts. I should go bake cinnamon muffins for me and superman to eat for breakfast tomorrow, but that can wait a bit. He won’t be back for hours anyway, so I figured I’d post. Now, we don’t have internet at our house yet, so I’m typing this up and will post it when I have access to internet, be it at the library or at Mom’s Friday.

Being married is wonderful – maybe not perfect – but wonderful. Chad is such a sweetheart and an amazing husband. I hope every one of you girls reading this (who don’t already have an amazing man in their life) find someone as sweet and caring as my husband is.

So since the last time I posted I’ve gotten married, moved into a different house, legally changed my last name, gone to see the Biltmore(yay!), cut my hair, and got blue bands put on my braces J

Today I had my braces tightened, which is an experience that always makes me feel rather torn. I have an awesome orthodontist. He and his wife (who works with him) are so sweet. Such a cute couple! And they are so nice, I love talking to them and catching up. But – and there is always a but – my mouth is always sore after I’ve gone there (that or I’ve gone there because a wire came lose and is jabbing me in the cheek). Today he put on thicker wires (he’s been doing that, but apparently these are really quite thick) and they are going to make my mouth even more sore then the last time he tightened them. I believe it – I already hurt bad enough that chewing bread is very painful. Oh well, they said the thicker the wires the farther along I am in treatment – which is good. It means I’m just one step closer to getting them off, right?? Next time I go he’s gonna put on these rubber band thingys that are all attached and fit over the brackets. Not sure what they are called, but he said it would help close the remaining gaps from where they cruelly ripped pulled out four teeth to make more room.

Yesterday was peach canning day – I’m sure Mom will post about it at some point, probably detailed about how to can them properly and the exact light syrup recipe (which is something like 3c sugar, 9c water), so if you want more detail, her button is on the side bar J Anyway, it was fun, although we only got one canner load done. I think we’re going to do the rest of the peaches Friday along with canning our own Rotel recipe. We’re also going to have dinner with my Pawpaw.

I think Friday Chad and I may go swimming, or rather Chad will swim while I stay in the shallow end and try my best not to drown! I sink like a rock, it’s awful. I don’t have any float in me… He’ll hold me up to try and get me to float and the instant he lets go down, down, down my body goes! He’ll teach me eventually I suppose, he hasn’t let me drown so far anyway J

Well I best go – various household chores await me!

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  1. This made me feel so happy to read. :] You and Chad sound so wonderfully joyful.
    God Bless you both!


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