Monday, February 6, 2012

I just realized...

... that I never told y'all that Superman and I set a wedding date. Y'all know we're getting married and are planning it, so I thought you might wanna know what day :) I'll also post more interesting stuff about it as I get the chance - and if I actually stop to think about it. Right now we're just scheduling things and a buying decorations and fitting dresses. Mostly getting the details down.

Anyway the date is... **duh duh duhhhhh** 
Yep - of this year too :) Isn't that a cool photo? I didn't take it, but it fit so well ;) I think I'll have one similar done. I like the idea - whose ever idea it was!

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  1. CONGRATS on the engagement! I must have missed that post. =)

  2. Congrats! Keep the wedding updates coming! <3

  3. Congrats big time!!!! Have you got a theme for the wedding planned? Any special ideas planned share please!

  4. @Rissi: that post was last Fab. or Mar... Not sure if you were following at the time :)

    @Maghan: I will if I can remember too ;)


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