Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inspiration time

 Spring is here! Which means I've hit my inspiration/I really wanna do something kick.

Loving the fresh airy look - too bad I can't redo my entire house!
Looking at maternity pictures for ideas for our shoot next weekend.
Trying to pick a hair cut for this summer. Getting it cut next Thursday.
Bangs or no??
And inspiration for little bit's room. These are basically our colors, except our walls are blue.

What inspires you this spring time??

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  1. I'm liking the bangs. :)
    One of my best friends is having a graduation in May. I'm playing a song with her on my violin... It is inspiring me to keep working on learning my music.
    Plus there are a ton of other things I'm working on... Too many so I am hopping from project to project.
    However on the nice days it is awesome to be able to open my windows and get some of the fresh air in the house. Makes me want to clean everything so it is nice and sparkle.


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