Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sincerely {2}

Dear skin,
You used to be nice to me (well sorta)... what happened?

I now have random oily skin

Dear cleaner commercials,
It doesn't matter which of you I use, my house doesn't suddenly become airy, bright and sparkly.

I feel lied to

Dear movies,
You know how you always show the struggling couple and suddenly one of them get a great job offer? Please!

Still can't find a part time job

Dear pet commercials,
I'm not allowed to have a puppy where I live.

Tired of feeling bad for homeless pets

Dear make up commercials,
Doesn't matter which foundation I use, I'll never look like the gorgeously air brushed Kate Hudson.

Still look like I have real skin

Dear Starbucks,
I have found a replacement. You refused to put one closer than forty minutes away so I've found someone else.

I'm going to the Black Chicken later

Dear Orthodontist,
You know how you said my teeth wouldn't hurt as bad after four days and the pain should be gone in a week? You lied. I can chew bread now, that is true, but there is never a point in time when some part of my mouth is not in some way sore.

Can't this go any quicker?

Dear people in the library with me,
It's supposed to be quiet in here.


Dear readers,
Sorry for abonding y'all.

I'll try to do better when we have internet.
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  1. :) This made me smile the whole way through it. Sounds like your having a rough week though... Specially with the teeth!
    Hope your days get brighter soon!


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